Watch Dogs’ unexpected delay may be a thorn in Sony’s promotional plans for the PlayStation 4, but it’s also a big concern for consumers who have pre-ordered the title as part of a meaty next generation bundle. Fortunately, both Amazon and GameStop have confirmed that customers in North America will still receive their systems on launch day – minus Aiden Pearce’s open world adventure, of course.

An alert on the PS4 package’s Amazon product page notes that “all orders […] will keep their place in the line”. The online retailer added on Facebook that it’s “adjusting [existing] orders now” and will provide additional information as soon as possible. “Don’t worry,” a spokesperson reassured. “You will still be getting your PS4 based on your current delivery estimate.”

Elsewhere, GameStop has sent a statement to Polygon in an attempt to comfort consumers, explaining that those that pre-ordered the Watch Dogs bundle can opt to hold on to their current order or switch to an alternative option. If you plump up for the former, your system will be shipped out at launch, while the game will follow separately when it eventually releases.

There’s no firm word on what will happen overseas, but a Sony Computer Entertainment Europe representative told that it will be working closely with “Ubisoft and with our partners at retail to manage this situation”. We don’t think that the French publisher’s going to make many friends through this delay, do you?