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UK Sales Charts: Grand Theft Auto V Keeps Beyond: Two Souls at Bay

Posted by Sammy Barker

"Aiden, I need you now"

Beyond: Two Souls should have sought help from a spirit or two, as it failed to topple Grand Theft Auto V in this week’s UK sales charts. Nevertheless, the Ellen Page starring opus got off to a reasonable start, debuting in fifth behind Rockstar Games’ aforementioned release, FIFA 14, and something called Pokémon X and Y. Shrugs.

There’s no word on how Quantic Dream’s latest title fared compared to its predecessor Heavy Rain, which topped the charts back in 2010. In fairness, the child-snatching classic launched during a much quieter period, favouring the calm of February over the clamour of October. Elsewhere, F1 2013, Just Dance 2014, and Disney Infinity rounded out the rest of the best sellers list.

You can peruse the full rundown of software smashes through here. Have you been on a spending spree lately? What’s been sucking the cash out of your wallet? As always, remember to regale your tales of retail activity in the comments section below.


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MadchesterManc said:

Bought Beyond & Dragons Crown for Vita on saturday. Beyond is magnificant & Dragons crown is great for bashing on the go (hoping the cross-play patch comes soon though) Been very engrossed in my games this weekend lol Eyeing up Pokemon for this week though..



MadchesterManc said:

@get2sammyb I had the same problem myself. Once Id heard the cross-play patch was coming to the west I went with the Vita version. The co-author on my blog picked up the Ps3 version so we aawaiting the patch now to test out the cross-play for a post. Id say go Vita if you can wait a little bit longer for the patch. It plays really well (Ill be dropping a Dragon Crown Vita review onto the blog at the weekend if your unsure on the Vita version)



Scollurio said:

@get2sammyb I got it on PS3 first to play with my mate, then I thought "but my Vita needs games" since I really enjoy it on PS3 (when I have the time to play it besides work and GTA 5) so I thought "heck there won't be coming a next gen console pretty soon anyways, right? right? lol... " and bought it for Vita too. But if you only want to get it for one system, I'd go for Vita. One-screen-coop on PS3 is fabulous though...

That didn't help at all right?



Scollurio said:

Oh yeah and about that sales thing... I think it will be a while until something comes close to the sales-power of GTA 5... if you're really into the game I recommend watching IGN's GTA 5 panel at the comic con, its an hour of real life Franklin, Trevor and Michael answering questions of the fans and it is absolutely hilarious, just don't be offended by the F and N words, because they will drop regularily! Man those guys are awesome...



divinelite said:

My vita is overflowed by games and sorry my October is full of rune factory 4, pokemon x, and ace attorney on different machine

But hey, I named my pokemon trainer Vita so that I won't forget about her



Munkyknuts said:

Beyond: two souls will be mine soon....although I also always have a backlog of PS+ games to get through as well. I'll have to find time to fit Beyond in before Remember Me and Metal Gear land on my hard drive. Another play through of Dishonoured with added DLC is also on the cards.



rjejr said:

"...and something called Pokémon X and Y. Shrugs."

Oh man, I'm laughing so hard tears are literally running down my face. great way to start my Monday, thanks.

BTW the way, I have 2 sons so we have 1 of each in the house. Note to all parents - if you want your kids to get up on time for school, forget the alarm clock, just tell them they can play Pokemon "if they have enough time" before they go.

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