Nintendo’s latest system is built around its tablet-esque controller. The chunky GamePad peripheral that comes with every Wii U facilitates unique experiences out of the box, and it’s something that Sony’s hoping to nullify courtesy of the interactivity between the PlayStation 4 and Vita. Much like its competitor’s console, you’ll be able to stream almost all of your next generation games to the handheld, and even engage in second-screen experiences in compatible titles. Now rumour has it that the platform holder is hoping to steer potential consumers away from the House of Mario’s machine, in favour of its own devices.

According to the owner of popular YouTube channel NiNTENDOMINATION, the PlayStation maker has struck up a deal with German electronics retailer Saturn to lure curious customers towards the PS4 and Vita. “The contract [requires clerks] to misinform consumers about the Wii U and highly recommend them to buy [the PlayStation platforms] with a special ten per cent discount,” the personality Tweeted, adding that the deal will run until April 2015.

To be honest, it seems a little bit farfetched from where we’re sitting – why would any retailer agree to talk itself out of a potential sale? – but we can see Sony actively encouraging stores to push the Remote Play aspect of its flagship consoles. With the Vita struggling to make a dent commercially, the Japanese giant is clearly counting on its compatibility with the PS4 to move a few units. So while spreading misinformation about competing products seems very unlikely, educating consumers about the advantages of the PlayStation ecosystem strikes us a real possibility.