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Rumour: Is Sony Trying to Lure Wii U Buyers Towards PS4 and Vita?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sneaky shenanigans

Nintendo’s latest system is built around its tablet-esque controller. The chunky GamePad peripheral that comes with every Wii U facilitates unique experiences out of the box, and it’s something that Sony’s hoping to nullify courtesy of the interactivity between the PlayStation 4 and Vita. Much like its competitor’s console, you’ll be able to stream almost all of your next generation games to the handheld, and even engage in second-screen experiences in compatible titles. Now rumour has it that the platform holder is hoping to steer potential consumers away from the House of Mario’s machine, in favour of its own devices.

According to the owner of popular YouTube channel NiNTENDOMINATION, the PlayStation maker has struck up a deal with German electronics retailer Saturn to lure curious customers towards the PS4 and Vita. “The contract [requires clerks] to misinform consumers about the Wii U and highly recommend them to buy [the PlayStation platforms] with a special ten per cent discount,” the personality Tweeted, adding that the deal will run until April 2015.

To be honest, it seems a little bit farfetched from where we’re sitting – why would any retailer agree to talk itself out of a potential sale? – but we can see Sony actively encouraging stores to push the Remote Play aspect of its flagship consoles. With the Vita struggling to make a dent commercially, the Japanese giant is clearly counting on its compatibility with the PS4 to move a few units. So while spreading misinformation about competing products seems very unlikely, educating consumers about the advantages of the PlayStation ecosystem strikes us a real possibility.


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charlesnarles said:

Oh yeah this is prolly real. I'm sure you can contract retailers to misinform clientele. That sounds legit. Shopkeepers don't have a fiducious dutiy to their patrons. At all.



ZeD said:

Here in the UK the Vita is a very affordable device & I can see places like GAME pushing PS4 users to buy a Vita & PS Plus by default! Offer the gamer a sweet deal and they will bite!



Faustek said:

Crazy person says what?

I could see it if a retailer tried to go down just one road but which retailer is that dumb?



Sanquine said:

The guy is called NiNTENDOMINATION. The guy is a total Nintendriod and if you say you also enjoy playstation or Xbox he will rant at you in the comment section. Not buying it.



Cyrso said:

Sounds like bull to be honest. I mean it's hard to verify those things, but I would only trust reputated, non-biased sources. Consider me skeptical.



Gamer83 said:

I honestly think if they release the Vita TV outside Japan that combo along with a PS4 has a chance to be hugely successful in the Western territories, even moreso than a Wii U-like combo of PS4 and a portable version of Vita. I think the 'micro' console is the better way for Sony to go to try to make Vita succeed.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Yea, I'm not buying it. No retailer in their right mind cares about what you buy, they just want to make the sale. If anything Sony probably worked something out with them to upsell the Vita/PS4 combo as much as possible but they certainly won't do anything to stand in the customer's way if they want something else. Annoy your customers and they'll just take their business elsewhere.



Hokage17 said:

Honestly and I know a few will disagree with this, but in my opinion the Vita is a failure and I think it may be a little too late for Sony to change its fate. The whole remote feature is over 2 years too late. This is something that would have helped the Vita when it launched if it couldve worked remotely with PS3 like they promised. But now some of that buzz is gone and while the potential of it working for PS4 sounds good the problem is the Vita has now become an afterthought for most people. Now that I think about it, this is the only site I've noticed that even tries to support the Vita, and if you go to any of your local stores to check out its buried in the background some place out of site. For the record I like the Vita and think its an impressive piece of hardware but i feel they may have missed their window of opportunity. Im just calling it how I see it.



RawShark said:

@ajaychitown nonsense.

...and to this story, too. Nonsense nonsense nonsense. Shame on you Sammy for even dignifying it with any attention at all.



Sanquine said:

@ajaychitown Good, it's your opinion. In the west the console/handheld may be dead. But with Vita tv and some awesome games on the horizon in japan/ i can see a future for the handheld in the east ( asia)



Gamer83 said:


They have to bring Vita TV to the West. I think they can save the Vita brand that way, provided it's priced and advertised correctly.



Sanquine said:

@Gamer83 I also want that. Many friends of mine are willing to drop 100 dollar for a console but not 200 dollar for a handheld. However, if it's not receiving games than i dont see it selling. I want Dagon ronpa



banacheck said:

The whole remote feature is over 2 years too late.

Remote-play first came out in 2006 so you mean 7 years too late? technology has to evolve otherwise you would never get anywhere, PS3/PSVita combo wasn't a big deal because the two where never designed to work together in the first place. The PS4/PSVita combo is a lot better because the two where designed to work together from development, both the PSVita/PS4 where in development together and both lead architect was Mark Cerny. Also the PSVita is going to drop in price a lot faster than the PS4, but both a few years from now will not be massively over priced together.
Anyway remote-play is set in Sonys future wether you own a PSVita or not, because you'll be able to use a mobiles, tablets etc. The second-screen gaming experiences are also different from what you'll play on the Wii U, and the Wii U doesn't have remote-play so how any of this has to do with the Wii U god knows.

Also the Vita TV, PSVita itself, japan is its market.



Savino said:

I have a WiiU and I must say, remote play only on your living room, if you wanna go any where else in your house, you have to move e console.

Vita/Ps4 on the other hand....



Gamer83 said:


Same with people I know. A lot of my college and high school friends are big PS fans and I want to play Killzone and a few other Vita games with them but they don't care for portables. However $100 for a 'console' version of Vita that will also allow them to stream PS4? They'd buy one, and I'd put off getting a Wii U or X1 for a while as well to get Vita TV because that streaming function is an excellent feature.



TheLZdragon said:

It does seem a bit odd. What would that retailer do with its Wii U stock if it convinces no one to buy it?

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