In case you somehow missed it, the last few days have been unusually rocky for Helldivers 2 and developer Arrowhead Game Studios. PlayStation reinstated its PSN-Steam account linking mandate — which was always meant to be in place, but was temporarily removed due to the game's launch issues. This saw an enormous backlash, particularly after the title started disappearing from Steam in regions without access to PSN. After a severe review bombing and countless complaints, Sony has now reversed the decision — and the game's director may have identified a small, but pretty funny, silver lining.

The thousands of negative user reviews Helldivers 2 received in quick succession resulted in an incredibly skewed rating, evidenced by this graph:

Helldivers 2 May Turn Negative Steam Reviews into a Fashionable In-Game Cape 3
Ouch. — Image: Push Square

While this is obviously a blight on the game's reputation, the community and the team at Arrowhead appear to be making light of it, now that the situation is settled. Director Johan Pilestedt has shared an "accidental" cape design, and it sounds like the developer might make it a real in-game reward:

When asked if it'd be made real, Pilestedt responded that the team is "[talking] about a good name for it right now", and also joked that it'd cost "$999.99" before confirming it "will be free". If it does end up in the game, it may look something a bit like this hastily edited attempt (apologies in advance):

Helldivers 2 May Turn Negative Steam Reviews into a Fashionable In-Game Cape 1
Image: Push Square

Anyway, what do you think of this? Would you like to see a cape like this end up in the game as a reminder of this chapter? Tell us in the comments section below.