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Not Everyone's Particularly Happy with Grand Theft Auto V

Posted by Sammy Barker

One rapper wants the game recalled

Grand Theft Auto V has proven a critical and commercial success beyond everyone’s wildest dreams. Not only is the open world epic flaunting a 97 rating on Metacritic, but it’s also raking in revenue at a record breaking rate. In spite of its achievements, though, not everyone is particularly pleased with the game – and rapper Daz Dillinger sits among the disgruntled minority.

According to a TMZ report, the performer has asked Rockstar Games to recall the release after it included two of his tracks without permission. A cease and desist notice sent through the artist’s attorney states that both ‘C-Walk’ and ‘Nothin’ but the Cavi Hit’ are featured in the title, despite the musician rejecting the developer’s “offensively low offer of $4,271 for both tracks”.

Dillinger is now demanding that the publisher stump up a more reasonable sum for the songs – or destroy all unsold inventory of the game. Considering the commercial implications of the latter, we’re sure that the company will manage to add a couple of zeroes to the rapper’s royalty fee – after all, the game did make over $1 billion in just three days.

Regardless, the star claims that the legal move is not all about extracting money from the firm, but rather “respecting an artist’s work”. We can certainly appreciate where the entertainer’s coming from – but we’re sure that he’ll appreciate the boost to his bank balance all the same.


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Savino said:


RichStar did the same thing on the ballad of gay tony! They used a music from a brazilian rapper without permission!!



odd69 said:

Sound like both parties are assholes. I put GTA down for a bit. I love it and all but I'll just go ahead and say This isnt the best one.

Not hardly bro, not hardly



Munkyknuts said:

GTAV is excellent but I prefer Vice City is my favourite of the series. I can understand the artist being miffed at Rockstar using his stuff without permission.



charlesnarles said:

That's pretty bad. Or lucky for that dude? Idk. R* obviously has bigger fish to fry than copyright infringement or misappropriation claims. Just throw money at it lol



Gamer83 said:

Naughty Dog did the same sh*t with that artist's map of the Boston Subway I believe. I don't know why these companies think this stuff is ok, it's not and it brings unneccessary negative attention. It's amazing how often game developers b*tch about used games and the like (the used game market is a very legit practice by the way, I don't give a damn what anybody says to counter that) but then turn around and do this kind of stuff. And of course, gamers being the idiots they are just turn a blind eye to it like it's not a big deal. Even as a huge fan of GTA V and Rockstar, I have to say the company deserves to get a whole hell of a lot of backlash for this. It won't, but it should.



longshot28 said:

@Gamer83 They could of easily went to whoever held distribution rights and asked for it, just because an ARTIST complains doesn't mean the rights holders didn't give an ok.

Despite popular belief when on a major label the songs you write and record no longer belong to you.

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