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Killzone: Shadow Fall's Texture Quality Has Quadrupled Since February

Posted by Sammy Barker

PS4 has enabled developer to be more creative

It’s been a while since we got a proper look at Killzone: Shadow Fall. The futuristic first-person shooter is undoubtedly the top-tier title in the PlayStation 4’s launch lineup, but outside of February’s big next generation coming out party, we haven’t actually seen much of the release. Guerrilla Games rectified that as part of a blowout on the latest episode of GameTrailers TV this week – and revealed a few interesting snippets in the process.

New gameplay footage revolved around the jungle environment from earlier in the year – which has been significantly overhauled since the summer – in addition to a sequence that showed the Shadow Marshal protagonist crossing through the hostile wall that divides the Vektans and the Helghast. It’s looking very atmospheric at this almost finished stage, with the Dutch developer taking the decision to make all cut-scenes fully interactive, rather than unplayable cinematics like in previous instalments.

One new enhancement to the campaign will allow you to carve your way through walls by planting explosives and simply gunning through them. Combined with the protagonist’s scan ability, this will allow you to sneak up on foes and take them by surprise. These kind of mechanical enhancements have been enabled by the additional power of Sony’s new system, and executive producer Angie Smets admitted that it’s part of the reason that the team were so excited to be targeting launch.

“When we got asked to be there for launch on the PS4, we got so excited because we knew that we would get our eyes on new hardware and specifications, and also be involved with the development of the new machine,” she explained. “That was super exciting, but also inspiring on a creative level, because you knew that there was going to be a new system creating new opportunities for design and the graphics. Everyone got really hyped up.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by head of technology Michiel van der Leeuw, who also believes that the new system allowed the studio to be more imaginative. “You always run into a moment with hardware where you’re limited and you have to tell the designers that you can’t do that or you can have this,” he beamed. “However, this time you can have everything, and it allows us to do much more.”

The lead continued that the improved architecture allowed it to get up and running faster than ever before, too. “We’re the ones that are making a launch title, so we’ve got all of the bumps along the way,” he admitted. “But it’s surprising for a launch title how easy it’s been to adapt to the console. We’ve been very much able to port things and from day one have been able to improve the quality, make the environments bigger, improve the draw distance, and more.”

Most importantly, though, what has changed since February? “Since the PlayStation Meeting, the lighting has improved, the frame rate has improved, there have been a lot of changes to character animation and streaming, and texture quality is now about four times higher than it was back then, so it’s come a long way.” Perhaps the most exciting thing is that you’ll be able to see it all for yourself in less than a month...


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MANTAGTJ001 said:

cant wait for this one, top game, with no limits to the designers that is really interesting and cannot wait for all the other games to follow.



AaronYeager said:

Well atleast Sony has one sure hit they can count on. Other than Kill Zone; Battle Field 4 and Asassins Creed 4 seems to be the top launch titles. For some that may not seem like a lot but when you compare it to other console launches in the past where the second best game available was Ridge Racer, suddenly the launch looks good even without the likes of Drive Club and Watch Dogs.



charlesnarles said:

4x isn't four-fold; that would be 16x. : P
But 400% better textures than we saw is pretty impressive. Hopefully this one won't get postponed too!!!!!



ZeD said:

I wonder if the demo and Eurogamer was the one from Feb? If so it looked great. What the hell is it going to look like in a month?! One only can wait.....

On a side note @get2sammyb: will Push Square be reviewing games at US Launch or Europe?



get2sammyb said:

@ZeD Honestly? We don't know yet. The difference between release dates is a bit of nightmare. As always, we'll do our absolute best!



ZeD said:

@get2sammyb Agh the wait is kiling me! I cannot wait to get my hands on Killzone. I loved what I saw at Eurogamer & with this news the levels of excitement is just too much.



drumsandperc92 said:

hm, you know what, it's decided. i'm going to give this game a shot.
This past gen REALLY wore me out on shooters, i havent played one in literally years. But this looks fantastic! love the sci-fi settings, this is turning out to be Sony's Halo (which, ironically, i never got into on my xbox and my 360)
See my only issue is that i'm sure a big title that Sony is pushing like this will end up on PSN+ as a giveaway eventually, and since i'd only giving it a try not knowing if i'll actually like it, i'm not sure i want to pay for it lol.
That's how i feel about Knack too. i've got a feeling Knack might get on the PSN+ giveaway list sooner rather than later, but KZ might take a while...



Gamer83 said:


Injustice is there too, which is easy to forget about because Sony didn't really play that up. Granted its a six-month old game but it's the best fighting game either of the next-gen consoles will have at launch. So yeah, though it pales in comparison to X1 and the loss of Drive Club and Watch_Dogs sucks, it's still better than PS3 Wii U and even PS2, GC and the original Xbox day ones. Not nearly as strong as Vita was on launch day though.



banacheck said:

Guerrilla Games are one of the best development teams out there, cannot wait for there new IP also. Killzone4 is going to be excellent cannot wait for the 29th November, know wonder other launch titles delayed i would too if it wasn't as good. 2014 is going to be a big year for the PS4, and you can bet thay'll be new game announcements in 2014 from other 1st party studios.

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