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Killzone: Shadow Fall Will Fill 40GB of Your PS4's Hard Drive

Posted by Sammy Barker

You'll be able to play after downloading just 7.5GB, though

The vaunted digital future is going to result in some big bandwidth bills for its supporters. Speculation pegged Killzone: Shadow Fall’s digital footprint at a whopping 50GB earlier in the year, but Guerrilla Games has clarified that the final sum is a no-less terrifying 39.7GB. The good news is that, using the platform holder’s new PlayGo technology, you’ll be able to start playing after pulling 7.5GB of data off the PlayStation Network – and it’s something that the Dutch developer hopes to improve upon in the future.

“Realistically, I think that a lot of people can do this – it’s just that the initial chunk of 7.5GB is quite big,” technical director Michiel van der Leeuw told “I think that next time around we'll try to see if we can design something that doesn't jeopardise the game which will make it even friendlier. But I think that all things considered, this being launch and we've got like 2 minutes 44 seconds from disc to the first level and no installs, I think that it's already a massive improvement over previous generations.”

The time that it takes to actually get into the game is something that the studio’s worked hard on – be it the digital or physical version. The team has eliminated in-game load screens, and completely removed all logos from the title’s startup sequence. “We had to ask legal and Dolby, the epilepsy warning stuff, the logos from Havok – we had to negotiate with them that we could put it in the credits and not the title screen,” van der Leeuw explained.

The result is something that the employee’s personally very pleased with. “I get as annoyed by all these screens as you do,” he continued. “I'm 36, I don't have a lot of time to game, when I do I don't want be distracted by things that have nothing to do with playing the game. We came from a day and age with a cartridge, you stuck it in and like, 'bleep!', and you were playing the game. And slowly that has degenerated into experiences which are more beautiful and big and prestigious, but they feel... heavy.”

It’s certainly an enormous change from the PlayStation 3, which would often pause for minutes at a time to install data before letting you play. Even with Sony’s new PlayGo functionality, though, it seems that your longest delays will now come from trying to pull enormous amounts of data from the PlayStation Network. The big question is: are you still willing to embrace the digital future now that you have an idea of the file sizes involved? Break your data cap in the comments section below.


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dudeware said:

I would embrace it if Google would branch out their Google Fiber internet that has a Gigibyte a second download speeds instead of my crappy 15mbs at best when no one else is even remotely using the internet. Google Reach out to CANADA we will embrace you and it will be successful!!!



MadchesterManc said:

I'll still be using Disks with file sizes as large as that 40GB. My Sky Fibre can do 8/9GB in 2 hours but why wait when I can pay the same (or less) and be playing in seconds



charlesnarles said:

Dude. 3 minutes is insane. Load screens can indeed go die (MGS4!). I like this now Now NOW attitude; not a lot of time to play either. 40gb isn't outrageous for ps4. They warned us to go ahead and upgrade the hdd if you wanna go digital. I still can't decide! I like having the boxes on my shelf next to my other games, but I don't even have my ps2 games any more so I might just swap my 1tb drive from my ps3... hmmmmm (they should coerce us one way or another with gifts)



get2sammyb said:

Yeah, there's no way I'm downloading games that are 40GB. This is going to happen more and more with Xbox getting Blu-ray, too - multiformat developers are no longer restricted to the size of DVDs. Expect virtually everything to have an enormous file size.



irken004 said:

I'd give it a year or two before terabyte hard drives come with new consoles I might consider switching out my PS4 drive with one sometime soon after launch.



belmont said:

If I could afford a 1TB SSD I would go all the way digital!
I will depend on the size of the mandatory installations I think.



Ps4all said:

I feel like digital distribution is going to hold next gen back. No one wants to download 100 gb games, but ps3 games were already 50 gb. So I think they will cut content in order to provide downloads consumers are willing to download. Devs and producers love digital because they don't have to give retail a cut and there is used market to contend with.



3Above said:

I prefer having discs but this time i have no choice in the matter. Im moving to anothwr country next month and my internet there just wont be up to the task.



Ps4all said:

@irken004 I agree, but until that improves I could see Devs making games smaller to prevent long download times.



3Above said:

On a side note: I wonder if FF XV would be released digitally? That game would probably push 70Gbs.



get2sammyb said:

@3Above Every game is going to be released digitally on PS4 so it will. Having said that, wouldn't they need to ship the game on two Blu-rays if it took up 70GB?!



3Above said:

@get2sammyb True, but SE shipped FFXIII on 3 disc for 360 so I wouldn't put it past them. I just dont see that game being under 50gb if Killzone Shadow Fall is almost 40gb and uncharted 3 was 43gb.



Scollurio said:

I think its pretty much not an issue, if they can get it right that you can start playing a game with only a few first GB downloaded while the rest of the game downloads in the background and over night, it should be fine.

And I still doubt we will see 100GB games soon! BUT I will upgrade my internal HD asap!



eLarkos said:

It's stuff like this that still has me sceptical about Remote Play. Initially this feature was touted as being able to play the game right from the get go while it downloaded in the background. Had me quite excited. Obviously there was always going to be a small initial download but 7.5gb!?! For most of the world that is still a significant wait.
It's still a great feature and a very welcomed addition but it does make me wonder just how well other features like Remote Play will work.



rjejr said:

It would take me just over an hour to DL the 7.3GB, but I would never risk hanging, file corruption or HDD issues by playing while DLing the other 32GB. Ill need to see a years worth of guinea pigs before I trust the Playgo tech.

For comparison, Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U is said to be 1.7GB. I know that system is more PS3 than PS4 but thats still an insanely small size for a full HD game.



BlueProxy said:

Well I'll certainly be buying disc for games like this. Waaay too big to download, even with high-speed service.

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