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David Cage Eager to Get Started on Quantic Dream's PS4 Project

Posted by Sammy Barker

Still in pre-production

Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream would resemble a chameleon if it were a lizard, as the company is never afraid to change its colour from project to project. Unsurprisingly, then, the Parisian studio’s top dog David Cage has told Game Informer magazine that the firm’s first PlayStation 4 project will mark a large departure from its impending Ellen Page-starring opus.

“The next game is still in pre-production,” he told the website. “Beyond really took all of our attention and resources. We have a small team working on this next-gen project, on the tech, on the concepts and art. It's very, very exciting, something different from Beyond and Heavy Rain; building on the same grounds, but in a very different way.”

Cage teased that people should expect to be “surprised” by the title, and that’s because it’s a reaction that the studio consciously targets. “This is really what we try to do with each game – not give people what they expect, [but] give them something they want maybe without knowing this is what they want.”

The luminary concluded that he is “incredibly impatient to start working” on the unannounced title as soon as possible. Earlier in the year, Quantic Dream released a comedy trailer based on its PS4 technology named The Dark Sorcerer. If its eventual next-gen outing looks anywhere near as good as that, then colour us even more excited than Cage.


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artemisthemp said:

I hope The Dark Sorcerer is their next project, because the Tech Demo looked amazing



charlesnarles said:

Their games come from a different place than their competition. Similar in tone etc to some great ps2 Japanese games with lots of philosophical dialogue, written or spoken, like xenosaga or FF. Now that Mature games can have t&a (dafuq??) it's easy to sound dumb or boring to most people if the girl's worried about her dgaf-ing birthday party instead of changing clothes or something, right? Jk but srsly I'm glad to have this guy making my ps4 games



Cloud7794 said:

@artemisthemp Seriously if the next game they're making is something along the lines of The Dark Sorcerer (at least in humor) then it's a day 0 purchase for me. I will buy it in the Dark Hour between when it comes out and the previous day.

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