This is more or less why we can’t have nice things. Sony made Grand Theft Auto V available for download on the European PlayStation Store this week. With the file spanning an enormous 18GB, the company wanted to make it easy for players to download ahead of the game’s release on 17th September. Sadly, the file’s been hacked, and a large chunk of the soundtrack leaked.

The platform holder’s since pulled the download, posting an apology on its website. We’re not going to reproduce all of the leaked tracks here – you can find them easily enough – but some highlights include All Saints’ legendary Pure Shores, Stardust’s catchy Music Sounds Better with You, and Modjo’s brilliant Lady. Alright, they’re all from the pop station, but why would you tune into any of the others?

It’s a shame that this has happened, especially considering that the download was only made available to save gamers time in the first place. Still, with such a big title, we suppose that it was an inevitability. Next time, Sony should probably release the pre-download file a day before launch, rather than a month.