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What Does PlayStation Vita Firmware Update v2.60 Do?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Keeping things convenient

If you’ve powered up your PlayStation Vita this morning, you may have spotted that there’s some new system software available. Sony sneakily deployed firmware update v2.60 overnight, and while it’s not exactly bursting with must-have features, it does include some minor tweaks that should make using the system a breeze.

First and foremost, there’s now a PlayStation Plus icon added directly to the LiveArea of each game. Tapping this allows you to upload and download save data, eschewing the pesky Content Manager application along the way. Other updates include the ability to toggle Flight mode, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth by holding down the PlayStation button. That’s going to come in handy.

Elsewhere, you can now play music and videos saved on a connected PC or PlayStation 3. Furthermore, a new Devices option has been included in Settings, privacy tools have been added to Trophies, and there are now button prompts when you’re editing the layout of your bubbles with physical controls. That’s all in addition to the usual software stability improvements, as well as some visual upgrades to the menu area.

Remember, if you haven’t got auto-update switched on, you’ll need to set aside a few minutes to refresh your Vita’s firmware before you next want to play. Have you downloaded the patch yet? What are your favourite new features? As always, let us know in the comments section below.

[Additional reporting by Nathan Michalik]

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SuperROBO-1 said:

It happens randomly... I dont really understand. But yet again I mysel havent tried downloading since the update so I cant be the one talking. (I jus saw bad remarks on twitter)



SuperROBO-1 said:

The store needs more games in the free play section also. There hasnt been a new game there in like 2 months. And all of it is low quality mini games...



NathanUC said:

I used to always get the "preparing to download" glitch. I just downloaded a demo without problems though. I don't know if this means it was fixed or I got lucky. Nothing else in the store for me to buy and test though =



ztpayne7 said:

What?!? There's actually firmware updates that add features? I wouldn't know on the ps3, where the most happening update we've had in what feels like 2 years or so is the ability to hide trophy dings and prompts =P



bjmartynhak said:

I'm still waiting for an update bringing support for multiple accounts. At least 2....



DVD_Sandwich said:

Excellent. I'm glad wifi on/off is on the quick menu. It should have been there all along. I miss the switch the PSP had, but this is the 2nd best option. Way better than having to go through the settings menu to turn it off. Turning it on (most of the time) is not a problem, since the game/app will just ask if you want to turn on wifi, and you say yes/no.



artemisthemp said:

It's a great update and I looking forward to seen what 3.00 will bring (when it releases).

My favorite feature in 2.60 is direct upload and PS Button to Control



irken004 said:

That PS+ button update is very handy. I'll have to give the music/video from a pc playing option a try sometime



Lionhart said:

I certainly like this update! The ability to play content from a connected device such as a PS3 or PC is really nice. The cloud storage va PS Plus is also really neat.



charlesnarles said:

I think the DL "glitch" is just the Vita not receiving the bandwidth it expects/needs. Happened to me with Dokoru. And I'm excited to try to stream my iTunes from it =8^O (oh wait I have an iPhone...)

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