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Sony Depicts the Visual Progression from PSone to PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Spyro to Shadow Fall

Do you remember when games were little more than a collection of polygons and grainy textures? There’s a good chance that you grew up during the PSone era, then, which means that you’ve been lucky enough to live through the technical progression of the PlayStation brand since its very inception. For those of you that have joined us more recently, though, this PlayStation Access video does a great job of plotting the path of Sony’s major home consoles.

The video actually uses thematically similar games to illustrate its point, and it’s pretty impressive when you see the transition from PSone right through to the PlayStation 4. We must say, though, putting footage of Knack directly after Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction probably wasn’t the best move – we reckon that Insomniac Games’ platformer currently trumps Studio Japan’s upcoming next generation adventure.


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RaymanFan2 said:

Hey look, Black and Disruptor!

Also the R&C in that video is Tools of Destruction, not CiT.



ViciousDS said:

Can you believe it all happened in under 20 years.......thats just insane, I really do like consoles on a 5 year plan though.....because there is just way to much advancement to have a console last 10 years.

I'd rather spend $400 every 5 years instead of $250 every year on a new GFX card.

so basically the 6th year is when they launch a new console. Basically how its been to this point.

94 was the PSX

2000 was the PS2

2006 was the PS3

however 2013 is the PS4.....thats an extra year added.....and to be honest these recent consoles did feel dated about 2 years ago...minus the last of us.



XD375 said:

I'm really glad David Hayter's name appeared twice in this video. It's almost as if the guy at Sony who made this video was trying to say something!



Cloud7794 said:

The nostalgia! The pain and joy of heavy doses of nostalgia! This is one of my favorite videos on the internet now. Braver!

Edit: What coding does this site use? I tried putting braver in italics and bold but the tags I used didn't work o.o



Subie98 said:

I still play my psx and ps2 games often. Hard to forget for me personally where we came from. Still play nes, snes, n64 and gamecube as well. Sometimes I feel games were better quality back then. I guess its because more of types of games I liked were made back then before western developers turned it into what we have today. Dont misunderstand I love a lot of the current stuff. I just miss more quality jrpgs and adventure games that started to disappear quickly near the end of the ps2 and gc's life.



charlesnarles said:

@get2sammyb asterisks work too!

Crash needs super hd hair! New Coolboarders isn't likely, huh? I really want another Jurassic Park 3d sidescroller/platformer like they had on Sega and then PS1. It was so fun to dodge brontosaurus feet as a lil guy, and then swallow people whole as rex. Please bring back (good) JP games! There were srsly so many that they competed against LucasArts for crying out loud!!!
... But what a hell of a brand, eh? Its always been only about fun and the fans. I'm proud to be a Sony zealot. "It is a good day to die!" : )



Gamer83 said:

That was a pretty cool video. Crazy to see how games have advanced and even more crazy is how quickly time flies by. It still feels like just yesterday I was in KB Toys playing Twisted Metal with a pre-dualshock controller for the very first time.

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