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Rumour: Football Manager 2014 Substituting PSP for Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

Soccer strategy simulation could be sprinting onto Sony's latest system

If you prefer your footie games to be riddled with statistics rather than bicycle kicks, you may already be doing a Mourinho over the rumours that Football Manager 2014 could be picking sides with the PlayStation Vita. Online retailer listed the title for the handheld earlier this afternoon, before pulling the page. Fortunately, we managed to nab a screen grab of a cached version of the product listing via the store’s Brazilian subsidiary, which is embedded above.

Football Manager has a long history on the PlayStation Portable, with last year’s entry deploying in late November. When asked about the possibility of a Vita version in September, developer Sports Interactive said that it would be willing to support the platform if the sales of the system picked up. The console’s still struggling a year later, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony and SEGA have managed to strike some kind of deal. If real, this could be officially announced as early as GamesCom.


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Batman said:

After a few seasons the game has to create new players to fill out the team sheets as the older players retire. In my game on FM'08 I was stuck in division 2 with Oxford United, when a player came up through the youth team that had the stats of a top-flight premier league player. Needless to say he was a star, scoring more goals than anyone else and cleaning up at the end of season awards.

This anomaly looked set to continue, until one dreaded day when I decided to try out the 'go on holiday' option. My coach took over my position while I was "away" and when I came back he'd sold half the team... including my star player.

I can't remember his name now, but the name Barry often comes to me in moments of private reflection...

Another fantastic anomaly was when I, a lowly division 2 manager, was offered the job of managing the Portuguese national side. I failed miserably, but it was great CV-filling stuff.

I suppose what i'm trying to say is... I will more than likely get this. It's been too many years and someone's willing me to get it...

The man they call Barry.



get2sammyb said:

@Confused_Dude "I can't remember his name now, but the name Barry often comes to me in moments of private reflection..."

I lost it... Can't breathe... XD



belmont said:

I enjoyed the series on psp but I think it is time to move to Vita. The only problem I had with the psp version was that you were limited in UK, Germany and other top championships. I want to win the Champion's League with my favourite team from the Greek Superleague!

@Confused_Dude Maybe he was Barry Allen the fastest player alive!



Weskerb said:

@Confused_Dude I found a weird anomaly with the game. If I played David Bellion in the centre mid of a 4-5-1 formation I nearly always won or got a high score draw, despite the fact that he's not a midfielder or any good. Strange game, but very addictive.



ShogunRok said:

This might be something I can get into. On FIFA my favourite mode is 'Seasons'...? I think it's called that. Anyway, the one where you can be a player or a manager. I always pick manager because of the RPG-like elements that come with it - they add a nice dynamic when coupled with on-pitch gameplay.

All of those elements and more on a handheld device sounds pretty good.



MadchesterManc said:

With the move up to Vita it'd be good to see if the scope of the handheld version will improve. I loved Football Manager on PC/360 mainly for its player interactions n the like so it'd be good if more could be added as I always thought the handheld versions were a bit too stripped down for me.

I once spent 10 seasons turning Redditch from a non-league team of part-time no hopers into a League 1 powerhouse. I didn't get a play-off position the following season and was duley sacked. The perils of football management lol

The PsP ones were alright, but the extra power in the Vita affords them the chance of bringing it up to a similar level as the 360 ports were (when they used to release it on console lol) Here's hoping they actually release it tho



Beaston61 said:

Big FM Manager fan. The PC installment has the most to offer. Sadly you cant carry a PC around in your pocket. I have FM Manager Handheld available on Google Play Store, Whilst its ok, I feel too many features are missing compared to the PC version (Interaction with squad players, Player database too small etc..). I hope they release a Vita version that is not just a port of the FM Manager Handheld versions, then I would buy for definite. Besides PS vita is alot more powerful than my HTC Sensation XL

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