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E3 2013: This Is How PS4's Social Functions Will Work

Posted by Sammy Barker

Fancy bedroom not included

Aside from the fancy visuals and new games, the unmistakable advantage of upgrading to the PlayStation 4 is demonstrated in the cringe-inducing trailer embedded below. While we’ve become accustomed to the clunky interface of the PlayStation 3 over the years, the next generation console will offer a much more refined experience, allowing you to hop between gameplay, shared footage, and more – all while keeping track of your friends.

The video shows how you’ll be able to download the particular portion of a game that you want to play first, and how the content will be installed in the background while you enjoy other titles. Furthermore, it highlights how you’ll be able to keep track of your friends using your smartphone, as demonstrated by the Taylor Swift impersonator sitting in a greasy spoon.

We really like the LiveArea feature on the PlayStation Vita, so it’s nice to see the whole ecosystem evolved on the PS4. While this kind of functionality is not going to sell systems on its own, it’s definitely going to make playing games a much more communal experience.

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sackninja said:

I actually think that looks really cool. The video could have been better. ("Dude, I don't got that,") But I think the features look cool. Download online seperatly, (Better be supported for all games), Cool better looking chat, Download games from you,re phone and the video sharing look slick.



InsertNameHere said:

Their acting was so stiff that it almost caused me physical pain. "Dude, I don't got that, man." are you serious? And the last I checked this was a PS4 commercial, not eharmony. So what was with the ridiculous flirting? At least they kept the women happy by putting a girl in, but her acting wasn't any better than the guys.

Terrible acting aside, the social features look really useful. I might find myself watching friends videos pretty often - mainly to gauge their skills so that I can challenge the really good ones.



get2sammyb said:

@sackninja I agree. I think this kind of stuff is quickly going to become something where we're suddenly like, "How did we ever live without these features?"



sackninja said:

Also why does he have a clan five minutes after getting the game. And how did she set up a clan without ever being home after getting it. Just noticed that.

Edit: When she buys the game from the phone, it's dragon's something under it. Is this something announced or a ps4 dragon's dogma, which would be awesome!



Batman said:

Just two beautiful people and a fat guy enjoying videogames.

I'd watch that sitcom.



rastamadeus said:

Hmmm. Not for me. Couldn't care less about what others are doing, I play games for me. If one of my friends pleaded with me to get Killzone like that to help them I'd tell then to get better at the game, do it themselves and then block the pratt. The majority of people online are dicks, why would I want to interact with them? (I know I'm in a small majority here)



eLarkos said:

@rastamadeus Im guessing you dont have many friends if thats how you treat them.
Features look great and look like something I will use more than I expected.



rastamadeus said:

@eLarkos I know one person who owns a PS3 and the other sixty odd are people from websites and/or games. The majority are idiots. But my point was that if they were like that guy in the video I would react like that.



Giygas_95 said:

Those are some nice functions it showcases. I really like the video uploading. I'm a little disappointed that you'll have to have a PS Plus subscription to play online though, but I don't play online just a whole lot so it probably wouldn't bother me too much. I hope the Wii U might get video uploading eventually.

Would you have to have a Plus subscription to use the share features?

Edit: Actually, come to think of it...I never play online at all anymore so I don't really care.



MidnightManiac said:

Great news about being able to send messages using my mobile. I hate the PS3 virtual keyboard (I went with the chatpad), now all I have to do is send a PSN 'text' (or just use the headset).

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