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Retro City Rampage Extracted More Loot from PSN than Xbox and Steam

Posted by Sammy Barker

Smash and grab success

Brian Provinciano’s open world love letter to the 8-bit era Retro City Rampage has popped up on almost every platform under the sun over the past six months, but it’s the PlayStation Network version that’s selling the best according to the developer – and, even more specifically, the PlayStation Vita release. "Indies should definitely jump onto the Vita," he tweeted. "RCR's sold much more on PSN than Xbox Live Arcade and more on Vita than even PS3."

Seeing as the Grand Theft Auto homage supported cross-buy, we’re not quite sure how Provinciano is separating the two SKUs. Perhaps he’s comparing transactions through the PS3 store to transactions through the Vita store? While the title was recently offered as a PlayStation Plus bonus, the developer added that his comments don’t include those numbers. “With PlayStation Plus, there are a bajillion more copies out there,” he explained.

The title’s even performed better on PSN than on Steam. "Steam's done far better than XBLA too, but PSN has still done the best," he said. It’s probably worth remembering that the game launched on Sony’s platform a lot earlier than XBLA in North America, which may have had an impact on the numbers. The Nintendo WiiWare version hits later today.

Still, Provinciano doesn’t believe that that’s the reason for the title’s success on Vita. “Sony promoted the game incredibly well and Vita players are hungry for games,” he exclaimed. “Make them more!” You heard the man.


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3Above said:

Its great to hear the devs talking positively about Vita! Please do make more games for Vita. It also speaks to the environment at MS, they get more complaints from developers about certification than most other platforms.



get2sammyb said:

@3Above Yeah, a really positive endorsement of the PlayStation Network. I think there's always been a stigma that PSN games don't sell as well as Xbox — which may still be true in most cases, we don't know — but it's refreshing to hear that that might not actually be the case.

He's right, though, Sony did push this game hard.



belmont said:

I think that Retro City Rampage was not released on PS3 on some PAL territories (Australia and New Zealand). I think I remember it from some comments on the sometime ago. Maybe explains why it sold better on Vita. Anyway I think this game fits better on a portable console.



shingi_70 said:


Hopefully they get XBLA improved next gen and they mirror after the windows store.

Will say the game coming out later on Xbox was apart of the reason I didn't get it. Heard nothing but it being average to bad from my friends with PS+ so when I played the trail on Xbox it didn't grab me.



odd69 said:

XBLA does have some awesome titles, it has me wondering if microsoft sells more digital titles. The Xbox people are all about indie games, so to me that would be the go to system for this game.Its refreshing that the ps3 crowd supports indie games so well. Honestly, i've been so jealous of xbla's indie selection. Most indie titles hit xbox way before psn. If the trend continues do you guys think we will see more indie titles in the future on ps4??

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