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Latest PlayStation Meeting Trailer Is All About the Games

Posted by Sammy Barker

The world is in play

Ever since WipEout demo pods started showing up in night clubs, PlayStation has always had a distinctly adult appeal. That’s something that this brand new ‘Evolution of PlayStation’ trailer discusses, as it takes a look back at some of Sony Computer Entertainment’s greatest ever games.

The platform holder is expected to unveil its next generation console tomorrow evening, when it holds its hotly anticipated PlayStation Meeting. We’ll be streaming the press conference live, so make sure you check back frequently over the next 24 hours for all of the juicy details. In the meantime, feel free to discuss your favourite PlayStation games in the comments section below.

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3Above said:

Hmmm GT is highlighted in this video, im grasping at air but i wonder if that means GT 6 is a launch title?



get2sammyb said:

@3Above Never say never. I think Gran Turismo is featured so prominently because it's such a popular game, though. Definitely the biggest exclusive in Sony's stable.



Valky said:

It could be, but I see also footage from ICO and SoC, clearly they don't want us to forget.



Lionhart said:

Woah! They need to do another Shadow of Colossus game with Cross Play on PS3 and PS Vita. I hope they make Journey playable on the PS Vita.



Jaz007 said:

Nice video. Why no Uncharted though? Thats Sony's best exclusive series.



charlesnarles said:

@3Above yeah, gt3 came with my ps2. It'd be sweet to get 6 so soon.
Driver 1&2, The Lost World, Tekken 2&3, Jedi Power Battles, MGS1, Soul Reaver, Star Wars Demolition, Crash Warped, CTR, weird Phantom Menace rpg... I spent so much time playing other peoples' ps1s lol. All the old amazing games like those need revivals



Valky said:

@Jaz007 Because Uncharted is relatively recent compared to an old timer like GT, even my father knows it and recognize their work.

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