Following this week’s surprise reveal, Sucker Punch has coughed up some more information about its smoky superhero spin-off, inFamous: Second Son. Reacting to a discussion on Twitter, the Bellevue-based developer explained that the title’s debut trailer was constructed primarily from gameplay footage.

“What did you think most of [the footage] was?” the studio said in response to a fan’s request for some in-game action. “We just used [a] different camera to make it more cinematic.”

inFamous: Second Son is set seven years after the conclusion of inFamous 2, and follows the foggy footsteps of Delsin Rowe, a 24-year-old tearaway armed with smoke-based powers. With the events of Cole MacGrath’s narrative still raw, those suspected of “bio-terrorism” are immediately being apprehended by the government – but the protagonist is not so keen on playing ball.

You can check out the first trailer in the space below. Let us know if you’re excited for the next entry in Sucker Punch’s supercharged series in the comments section.