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The Last of Us Looks Even Better When It's Made of LEGO

Posted by Sammy Barker

Brickin' it

Just when you thought The Last of Us couldn’t possibly get any more exciting, someone goes and recreates the title’s debut trailer out of LEGO bricks. This brilliant piece of handiwork adds a brand new dimension to the upcoming PlayStation 3 blockbuster – a particularly plastic one, we hasten to add. We’re especially fond of Jar Jar Binks’ brutal demise towards the end of the video.


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rjejr said:

So will PS4 Lego games actually look like they are made out of Lego's, rather than old Saturday morning cartoons? Are there any realistic Lego's in LBP? A Lego LBP would be a good proof of concept. Maybe a DL skin?



Azikira said:

I honestly think sometimes you guys are grasping at straws, but this wasn't bad for a fan made stop-animation short. :3

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