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Sony: Cross-Controller Gives Publishers More Options

Posted by Sammy Barker

Wii who?

LittleBigPlanet 2’s upcoming cross-controller patch will essentially transform the PlayStation 3 into a Wii U, allowing players to interact with the console using the PlayStation Vita as a rather costly controller. But that’s not where the publisher’s ambition for the technology ends.

"We definitely need more than one game to flaunt the cross-controller functionality,” Sony XDev Europe’s senior producer Tom O’Connor told CVG. “I know that internal teams are looking into it, and I'm pretty sure there have been some discussions with third-party publishers too."

O’Connor continued that the technology will give publishers more options, and hinted that it may lead to more titles on Sony’s machine. "There will be some games that are being developed for other dual-screen platforms, though I can't name any names, and we can allow that to be possible on PS3,” he explained. “That gives publishers more multiplatform opportunities.”

Asked if the hardware combination could support a title like ZombiU, the executive offered a convincing response. “What we would need to do is allow the Vita to detect markers on the PS3 screen to know where it is positioned, and that's something we already have great expertise in with our augmented reality technology,” he said. "And the Vita has more precise motion sensors than a DualShock pad, as well as two cameras and a microphone, so there are lots of different cross-controller options that developers can explore."

Of course, whether it’s worth the effort remains to be seen. While Nintendo can guarantee that all Wii U owners will have the requisite hardware to enjoy dual-screen experiences, that’s not currently possible with Sony’s cross-controller initiative. And with the PS3 and Vita already boasting meaty price-tags, it may stay that way for a while yet.


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Alpha said:

Well i Know one way they can fix the price issue, either lower the price on the Vita, or have a PS3 Vita Bundle were it comes with both a PS3, Vita and a Game that has the Cross Controller, a 200GB HDD, a Dualshock 3 or even a Sixaxis only controller. the price could be around $500 or $550 cuz a PS3 is usually $300 by itself without a game. its a good idea in my opinion. then they could come out with more games that have that functionality. ports from the wii u to sony exclusives, since the vita boasts its own internal CPU. I Personally think the Second Option would be better. if they do the price just right with the right stuff out of the box then it could work, what do you think?



SanderEvers said:

Can you boot your system with just a Vita? No.
Can you play games on your Vita when your TV is off? Yes.
Can you play PS3 games on your Vita when your TV is off? No.
Does EVERY GAME support this? No.
Do you get a free Vita with a PS3? No.
Is it integrated with the OS of the PS3? No.
Does this turn your Vita + PS3 in a Wii U like console? Hell NO!

This is nothing more than the good old GBA - GC / DS - Wii connectivity we've seen for years.

It's even less, as you are required to buy additional DLC to make it work in even ONE game.

PS3 + Vita + Game + DLC = twice the price of a Wii U. And that one even comes with a game.
With the only plus side is that you can play some PS3 ports (that don't support cross-controller) and two exculsive games on a Vita.

And if even 5 developers will support this, I would still have more Wii U games (right now) that support my Wii U gamepad.



get2sammyb said:

@SanderEvers Unfortunately, I agree with the sentiment of what you're saying. It can never be properly supported because the cost is simply too high.



Savino said:

There's no need comparing these two consoles.
Really... They are absolutely diferent, PS3 will never be able to mimic with precision. Wii U has it own wireless technology for really low latency and fidelity!

Cross controller will be a great feature for those who already have both system (vita and ps3) but I doubt it will be a system seller, since, not by much, you can have a whole new shiny system in your house.
I am looking foward the patch tomorrow and really hopping theres more to come and yes, having a second screen really makes the diference!



Squiggle55 said:

I'm excited about this tomorrow. I hope they go ahead and take the plunge with plenty of first party titles. I'll buy em.



Jaz007 said:

This could make for some pretty intresting uses in games that support it maybe something subtle like Uncharted grenade throwing with the dualshock's motion senors which was a brillant use of the dualshock's motion sensors that really improved grenade throwing.



irken004 said:

It'll probably be used about as much as Move titles, not a necessary feature but can add some gameplay elements in certain games (LBP being one).




It could be interesting. Not systems sellers perhaps, but a good bonus for those with both. LBP looks a good example.
No need to do what the WiiU does, but perhaps addition hud elements like mini maps and inventory etc. Nothing that you need to see all of the time but hand at a glance.



TOMBOY25 said:

@KALofKRYPTON "No need to do what the WiiU does, perhaps addition hud elements like mini maps and inventory etc. Nothing that you need to see all of the time but hand at a glance." .........wii u has games that do this already



Kayoss said:

Im not sure if they are selling as a competitor. I think they are trying to get Wii U developers to release the same game onto the PS3. As of right now Zombie U is probably one of the more popular game on the Wii and of course Sony will want piece of that pie.
Wii U have lots of benefits when compared to the PS3+PSvita combo. But one thing the Wii U cant do that Ps vita can is play independant games on its own. Remember when you shut down the Wii U, you shut down the Tablet. When you shut down the PS3, the Vita work independantly and can be taken to different location for you to enjoy. Its true you cant play PS3 games, but you can play other games. The wii U table cant and will not play any games once the main console is shut off. I own both console, Honestly I enjoy playing Super mario brother with one screen, its too frustrating when you have two screens. Zombie U is a good game that works well with the table at Tv, super mario bros not so much.



Kayoss said:

If Sony do release games that implement this, i just hope you dont have to buy both the ps3 and psvita games just for it to work. That would defeat the purpose.




As in, serve as a dummy terminal like the WiiU gamepad does. It's too ambitious given the state of Remote Play. Sony should play to the strengths they have, like the separate processing power of the Vita. A secondary- connected app/game to communicate with the PS3 should be the way to go- not stream all of the content on the fly.
People who have a PS3 and a Vita have them for they are, great powerhouse consoles in their field that cover popular games and have great exclusives in their own right. I for one, don't want what Nintendo's selling, they lost me with the Wii- the bext thing it did was play GameCube games. They've carved (created even) a very profitable niche market for 'family' oriented gaming, and well done to them. Under delivering on hardware yet again though is a shame.

The Vita is a far more capable device on it's own than a WiiU controller. This post probably seems a bit of a Nintendo bash, but it isn't I'm just not in to Ninty any more.





I try to stick with common sense, facts and of course my opinion.

There's not anything to be gained 'fanboying' one system over another.

Personally, if I'm ever in the position to get a Vita again, I'll be happy to give it a go.

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