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Capcom Disappointed By Slouching Resident Evil 6 Sales

Posted by Katy Ellis

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Capcom has announced its latest financial earnings, stating that the disappointing sales of Resident Evil 6 have caused the company to lower its estimated profits for the year. While figures for the undead offering started well – shifting an amazing 634,000 units on the PlayStation 3 in its first week in Japan alone – sales have since slowed, forcing the publisher to slash its total earnings estimates from ¥9.8 billion to ¥6.5 billion.

Resident Evil 6 received mixed reviews from critics, due to its focus on action ahead of survival horror. You can feast your eyes on our analysis through here.


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Gemuarto said:

Gamers want solid single player campaign from RE. RE6 is strange on-line game... It is somewhere between solid on-line and solid single player. I enjoyed good battle mechanics and some cool moments, though. But hell this game could be so cool without all those stupid western shooter's elements and AI or human controled partner. Anyway, I think that this is best shooter game of 2012 and i glad that Capcom have financial problems with it. Maybe next time they will think not by asses but heads.



hYdeks said:

I still want to buy this game, and it looks like alot of fun, there just been alot of other better games out there to take up my time, right now



ThreadShadow said:

I bet "traditional" RE fans would be singing it's praises if it had been a visual novel. "Lovin' this gameplay!!!".

I'm not a fan of the RE series. I've played demos for three RE games. I'm a big fan of couch-co-op/System Link though.



JavierYHL said:

i need mh on money is there for u to take...but u put it on a 3ds...



Gemuarto said:

@JavierYHL You can play Soul Sacrifice while waiting for MH on Vita. In many ways SS is better than MH. I played demo and while in the begining i was confused, in the end i thought that it's *********g fantastic. Can't wait... And Capcom still doesn't want to realese MH3G in the west. ********* *******ns =)))....



Kage_88 said:

One of my issues with Capcom is how it has approached Resident Evil development.

These days, the games' construction seem to be driven by cold, emotionless market research and industry 'trends'. Capcom made the series more action-orientated because it wanted a piece of the COD pie - which led to RE6 being a confused jumble of ideas. Really, the company shouldn't be surprised by these disappointing developments. It failed to realise that gamers didn't want Resident Evil to be Call of Duty - that wanted Call of Duty to be Call of Duty...and Resident Evil to be Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 7 needs to be a start over - like Resident Evil 4. In addition, it needs to move on from the same characters and the same Umbrella-centric storylines. It needs to be boldly innovative, or the series will be demolished by superior horror experiences such as DayZ, Dead Space, or even ZombiU.

Well, that's my opinion, anyway.



Gamer83 said:

Not surprising, I liked the game overall but it definitely wasn't as good as it could've been and a large part of the problem was the lack of focus. A vast majority of the time when a company tries to please multiple different audiences it doesn't end up pleasing any and that's what happened here. Next time it should be one fairly long campaign and with one single style of gameplay. If they want it to be an action game, fine, but focus on just that so it can at least be an action game that deserves to be mentioned with the best in that genre.



NathanUC said:

I've only played RE6 a couple hours since I bought it and really enjoyed it so far. That being said though, even though I enjoy what I've played, I don't have much urge to play it often. It tends to get pushed behind other titles and I'm not really sure why.

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