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Until Dawn Is Leveraging the Killzone Engine

Posted by Sammy Barker

True grit

Sony’s stunning Killzone franchise has always had a foreboding visual undertone to it, so it’s not particularly surprising to learn that Supermassive Games’ upcoming PlayStation Move exclusive teen horror title Until Dawn is being built on top of the first-person shooter’s incredible technology.

Speaking during the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, Sony’s Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida cited the motion controlled adventure as one of his most anticipated first-party titles: “Ever since we announced the [PlayStation Move], many teams have been working on different concepts – but this title is really, really advanced,” he said. “It’s very creepy. In fact, the game actually runs on the Killzone engine.”

The affable executive added: “The developer borrowed the technology from Guerrilla, who gave technical assistance. But the team did a really good job of taking advantage of the engine to create the game's very moody atmosphere. It’s so important for that kind of genre.”

We’ve been longing for a PlayStation Move-powered horror title ever since the device was first announced, and Until Dawn keeps hitting the right notes as far as we're concerned. We can’t wait for the game to release next year.


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ZeD said:

The Killzone Engine (IMO) has the best use of the Move. It is so fine tuned with the game & you can easily tell it was built with it in mind and not just "bolted" on at the end as a gimmick!
I love how even though we all know that the next Playstation Console is on the horizon, Sony still are putting so much support into the PS3 for future years (2015 I believe)



Splat said:

If I ever break down and get Move this would be one of the first games I would get for it.



get2sammyb said:

@KALofKRYPTON That's the one, but I don't think you can hold that game against them — they probably got a pretty low budget from the BBC. They also did Tumble and Start the Party, as well as lots of work on LBP2, so there's some real pedigree.

In fact, they're working with Sony quite a lot at the moment. They're also doing a Wonderbook game, and obviously this.




Tumble was decent, and The Start The Party games are proficient, LBP was just content packs.

I don't doubt their experience with making Move work well, but the one game they've made that's quite apart from the motion control staples of puzzle & party games, license aside, was pretty terrible.

They have the Walking With Dinosaurs on the way for Wonderbook, which should be fairly straightforward in terms of content- again not quite a huge amount of game design elements to contend with there.

I'm not at all sold on their ability to put together an adventure/survival horror game. I get the feeling it may just descend in to 'walk around shining a torch in the dark' with not much else going for it.



Scrible said:

Who cares what it looks like, let's hope the developers nail the controls, wouldn't bet on it though



Ginkgo said:

This game has potential. I hope it comes together. I would love to play it as long as it doesn't suck.

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