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So, What Is Chronovolt for PlayStation Vita Anyway?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Marble madness

Despite readying itself for release as part of PlayStation Plus’ expansion to the Vita next week, very little is known about PlayerThree’s upcoming portable puzzler Chronovolt. Fortunately, we had the mental fortitude – and spare time – to ask, er, Google for a little more information.

The game – which looks like a mash-up between Marble Madness and a H.G. Wells novel – promises over thirty levels of 3D puzzles, as players are challenged with the unenviable task of rolling a marble through increasingly difficult Escher-like arenas. The downloadable release features a rewind mechanic, which makes it possible to correct your mistakes – though we’re guessing that you won’t be able to turn back the clock as frequently as it seems in the trailer embedded below.

The title will boast both asynchronous multiplayer and online leaderboards. It’s been in development for quite a while as far as we can tell, with PlayerThree’s Luigi Fumero noting that production started on original Vita development kits. "The more we learned about the platform the more ambitious the project became,” he said. “The team has grown accordingly and we are extremely happy with the final result."

We’ve embedded the game's latest trailer in the space below. Remember, those of you that are subscribed to PlayStation Plus in Europe will get the title for free as part of next week’s update.


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Birdy said:

This is the only Plus benefit I don't have, I hope it's good



ZeD said:

Both are good lists but on the EU forum they tell that if a game is not currentky on the list doesn't mean it never will

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