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We Recommend You Watch This Japanese PS3 Commercial

Posted by Sammy Barker


Sony’s Japanese branch always releases the best PlayStation commercials – after all, it’s not been that long since the company opted to promote the Vita with the dulcet (and utterly irrelevant) vocal tones of Shigeru Matsuzaki. This brand new PS3 Super Slim spot isn't quite as catchy – but we urge you to stick around for its full 15-second running time. Reactions in the comments section, please.

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Mandoble said:

Japanese commercials, same quality as japanese games, but probably there it will be ground breaking one.



Stuffgamer1 said:

My reaction: Work Time Fun!

That's the kind of thing that would make me LESS inclined to purchase a product, assuming that the ad was my primary source of information in the first place. Anyway, bad ad. Seriously.



ShogunRok said:

Gets the point across, right? It's still a thousand times better than the garbage we get in the UK anyway.

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