Ghost of Tsushima New Game +: What Carries Over and How to Start New Game + Guide 1

Looking for how to start New Game + and what carries over in Ghost of Tsushima and Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut? As part of update 1.1, Sucker Punch Productions has added the ability to start the game over again and also carry over your abilities and items. In this Ghost of Tsushima guide, we're going to reveal everything that carries over into New Game + and how to start New Game +.

What Carries Over in Ghost of Tsushima's New Game + Mode?

By starting a New Game + playthrough of Ghost of Tsushima, you will keep all of the Techniques, Gear Items, and Vanity Pieces you've already unlocked and earned. By starting New Game +, you will also be awarded a new horse featuring a red mane and a unique saddle. New extremely powerful Charms can also be unlocked. The difficulty will also be increased (you can set it back to the default in the pause screen) and new Trophies can only be unlocked in New Game +.

Finally, a new type of Flower named the Ghost Flower can only be found in New Game +. A new Ghost Flower Merchant accepts them as payment in exchange for new armour dyes and exclusive vanity items. This Merchant will also carry an assortment of the aforementioned powerful Charms.

How Do You Start New Game + in Ghost of Tsushima?

Once you've completed Ghost of Tsushima for the first time, you can start New Game + from the main menu. The second playthrough will start just after Jin's first confrontation with the Khan as you gain access to the open world with the title card reveal.

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