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Beautiful Crysis 3 CryEngine 3 Tech Demo Unveiled

Posted by Katy Ellis

Featuring a truly magnificent toad

A new trailer for Crysis 3 has emerged, showing off the amazingly detailed CryEngine 3. Crytech has used the trailer to point out some of CryEngine's effects such as "tessellated vegetation", "dynamic water volume caustics", "unlimited particle effects lighting" and "top secret tessellated toad tech". And believe us when we say that toad looks more spectacular than we thought possible for an amphibian.

If the gorgeous jungle environment and top class toad have got you excited, you'll probably be looking forward to Crysis 3's February 2013 release.


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Ginkgo said:

wow. Would play for the graphics alone.
There are a few games coming out in the near future that seem to have taken a quantum leap in graphics.



Kayoss said:

I wonder how many disks this will require for the xbox 360??

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