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Move Support Confirmed for The Amazing Spider-Man

Posted by Sammy Barker

Moving through Manhattan

Activision’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie tie-in will feature full PlayStation Move compatibility, developer Beenox has confirmed.

Our friends over at iWaggle3D got suspicious when a boxart for the game uploaded to Amazon included a “PlayStation Move Compatible” bubble. This prompted Jonathon Grendon, PR manager at the studio responsible for the web slinger, to release the following statement:

This is the final box art and the PS3 version will effectively support the PlayStation Move motion controller.

It’s unclear how Move will be implemented, though the box makes reference to two motion wands, hinting at multiple controller support. If that’s the case, it would be the first third-party title to take advantage of two Move controllers, albeit optionally.

We suspect the controls will be tied into The Amazing Spider-Man’s new “Web Rush” mechanic, which allows you to glide around Manhattan from a first-person perspective.

Either way, Move seems like a solid fit for a Spidey game, so let’s hope the results are good.


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Supereor said:

Didn't SpiderMan die in the comics...? Oh well, I'll just assume you play as SpiderBoy instead. Call me crazy, I know he died; it said so in a GameInformer magazine I lost months ago.



James said:

@LittleBigVita The Spider-Man that died was Peter Parker in the Ultimate Marvel universe, where he was replaced by Miles Morales. There've been other Spider-Men who've died — Ben Reilly was a Peter Parker clone, and he was killed. This film is set in a different segment of the Marvel timeline, so you'll play as Peter Parker



rjejr said:

Funny, I'm halfway thru Uncharted 2, and every time Nate crawls around a wall - crawls, not jumps like he did in 1 - I think, wow, he'ld make a great Spiderman. I hope the guys making this game have played the series, it really is the most I've ever felt like Spiderman in a game. Well the wall-crawling that is. I grew up w/ J. Jonah Jameson always referring to him as "wall-crawler" which I always thought was a great insult.
And the Move would've worked in Uncharted as well. I've always said there are 2 kinds of Move games - the "move" games, which basically are sucky Wii games - and the good Move games, which have nothing at all to do w/ Move and are just light gun games that Sony likes to advertise as "Move" games so they can say they HAVE good Move games. There is the right balance in the Uncharted series to do both, platform movement w/ your hands and shooting. Maybe U4? Unless Spiderman starts shooting his webs like a FPS. nah.

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