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Tue 26th Jul 2011

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Supereor commented on Sony Struggling to Secure Third-Party Content ...:

You make some good points, but you didn't exactly say in what department the 3DS XL gives the Vita's OLED screen a run for its money. If your talking size-wise I understand, but resolution-wise, given that the Vita already has a better pixel-count then the original 3DS, and the 3DS XL's resolution is the same as the 3DS, I'd say Vita is certainly winning.



Supereor commented on Oddworld Titles Arriving on Vita "Very Soon":

When it comes to the PlayStation brand, 'soon' or 'very soon' is basically no different then an announcement, IMO. Although, I do want to relive those moments on Xbox when I was 5 years old on my PlayStation Vita, wherever I am



Supereor commented on Gearbox Really Wants Borderlands 2 on Vita:

Really hope it happens! After all is finished and done, Sony did say "Play the biggest games from the best franchises!", and I can't think of any game to fit that criteria more than Borderlands 2.



Supereor commented on Ragnarok Odyssey:

Now, this will give a full console experience! My second most anticipated game on Vita!



Supereor commented on Sony Reiterates Vita's 10 Million Sales Target:

Dear Sceptics-and-Naysayers,
WAIT FOR THE VITA! In due time, thousands of gamers will be amazed at the Vita's superior library of games, of new IP games that have whole new art styles and experiences, and tried-and-true games of old IPs like Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty! The PS Vita will transform into a powerful, amazing handheld experience which the likes of no gamer has ever seen before, all in the palm of your hands, blowing away everyone with it's bursting-at-the-seams potential!
Yours Truly, Apple Apple Apple



Supereor commented on Talking Point: Why 2012 is PS3's Most Mainstre...:

I'm sorry, but I can't imagine just how LBPK is going to work. Is it like Microsoft's Kodu Game Lab, where you take ground brushes in your choice of shape, size and prominence, lay some ground down, raise hills, lower ditches, or create oceans, and decorate it with players and actors? I need an explanation!



Supereor commented on Talking Point: Why Vita Criticisms Are Premature:

Just wanted to lay something down, the reason the 3DS is getting more sales than PlayStation Vita is probably because Nintendo has great, trusted gaming franchises as a full-fledged gaming company, whereas Sony is so many things; if it's technology, Sony probably has a product of it. What would you buy handheld from, a family-friendly, dependable, and fun gaming company, or an "unreliable" company with easily breakable products?



Supereor commented on Amazon Leaks God of War: Ascension:

I wish I could say I agree, I always do agree with your comments - but, I disagree because it's in the tagline, Never Stop Playing, that a decent amount of Vita games should be Remote Play compatible, and what better series than God of War? If it necessarily won't be Vita-compatible, I understand what you're saying.



Supereor commented on Analyst: PS4 Must Launch First to "Remain Comp...:

Anybody feel if the PS4 launches, and the PS3's lifespan ends, so will the Vita's for a lengthy period? Because the Vita is so PS3 integrated, Sony will need to take some ha-UGE time off to upgrade PS4 features to the Vita. If you don't think it'll happen, then, you may think the PS4 isn't launching anytime soon. It's a mildly tough situation for Sony, to let the PS3 stand off against competition, or launch the PS4 and upgrade a big part of the Vita's software...



Supereor commented on Vita Firmware V1.67 Launches, Doesn't Do Much:

The Nintendo 3DS's updates were always exciting to download. After much anticipation and patience, users were given access to free apps, the whole roster of DSiWare titles, and the ability to surf the internet. In my opinion, no system update should ever be optional! The Vita had to sacrifice a lot of possible abilities and compatibility in it's launch, that can be received from system updates, but from the looks of it, those abilities aren't going to be released into the fray for a long while =(