We thought we'd have seen third-party Move controllers on sale by now, but Snakebyte's own controllers experienced significant delays to their original January 2011 release date. Now Memorex is gearing up to unveil its own take on the motion controller and Navigation at E3 next week.

The Memorex Motion Gaming Controller — originality not included — looks pretty similar to the official controller but with one crucial addition: blue LEDs. Yes, every gamer's favourite coloured light is incorporated within the motion-sensing handset, along rubberised grips and concave buttons for extra thumb comfort. The controller is expected to retail at around $39.99.

Alongside the Move comes the Sidekick Gaming Controller, aka Navigation, which features the same blue LEDs, rubber grips and concave buttons. Expect to drop around $19.99 for one.

Memorex will be showing off the controllers next week at E3, hopefully revealing a release date. We'll keep you posted.