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simple really what are your opinions about gaming that are generally considered "Unpopular", i'll go first and NO ATTACKING OTHER PEOPLE FOR THEIR OPINIONS PLEASE, This is a place for people to let lose and have some fun so lets keep it civil hey people

I think the 3D Sonic games are more fun that the 2D one, i love the 2D ones but i enjoy the 3D ones more

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@FullbringIchigo About time someone made one of these, thanks!
Absolutely agree on 3D Sonic. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle >>> All the 2D Sonic games combined.

My favourite Final Fantasy is FFXIII. In my opinion it has the best battle system in the series. Its a fantastic mix of real time and turn based. I prefer linear games over open world so that made it all the more enjoyable to me. Also I really loved the cast (-Hope).

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@Fight_Teza_Fight i loved FFXIII and i had mo problem with it being linear because after all the previous games were too they just hid it, take FFVII until you get the Airship your still funnelled down one path

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I played Mass Effect Andromeda recently and really liked it. I even thought it was better than ME3. Even the goofy, wisecracking, unserious and unprofessional Ryder was a good alternative to the more serious Commander Shepard. Half the stuff that came out of my Sara Ryder's mouth was eye-rolling and cringey but I loved her for it.



This thread will end well.....

  • I didn't think The Last of Us was as good as everyone else said. Still good, but not a masterpiece.
  • With the exception of Shadow and Sonic '06, I don't think 3D Sonic games are as bad as commonly said. Flawed, but not terrible, and Colors/Generations were great.
  • Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite and pick for best 3D Mario (I haven't played Odyssey yet).
  • I don't like Quantic Dream games.
  • I prefer Red Dead Redemption over Grand Theft Auto.
  • Final Fantasy XIII wasn't bad either, but I thought it's pacing held it back.

I'm sure I have more, but I'll leave it at that.

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@DerMeister nah post as many as you like, that's the point of the thread

as for me i have a few more

1: FFVIII was a better game than FFVII (i still love FFVII though)

2: The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask isn't actually that good and probably the worse in the series

3: Game play is more important than graphics or frame rate

4: The GTA games are boring

5: Goldeneye isn't actually a good game

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Final Fantasy VII is one of the most overrated games of all time. Compared to the early Final Fantasy games the story is weak and the characters are bland.

Hideo Kojima is overrated as well. Story wise he's great game designer he's bad. I feel he should be a movie director rather then a game designer.

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Wow, people have been taking all my good ones!

Deep breath in...

I love Mass Effect Andromeda and think it's as good as Mass Effect 3, my favourite in the entire franchise; Mass Effect 2 is the weakest. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) is a great game; Modern Sonic beats Classic Sonic in every department, every time. Speaking of which, it's 2018 for goodness sake; there's no excuse for new 2D games, they're just lazy. If you wanna play something "retro", play an old game. They're still all there.

Batman: Arkham Origins is the best Arkham game, whereas I think Arkham City gets quite dull in the middle. Raiden is a more rounded and sympathetic character than Solid Snake, and Metal Gear Solid 2 is better for his inclusion (and is a franchise highlight). Metal Gear Solid V has a totally satisfying ending; the deleted mission would've made things worse. Almost all of EA's James Bond games are infinitely better than GoldenEye 007. I prefer the Star Wars: Starfighter games to Rogue Squadron, and I don't like Knights of the Old Republic because it isn't recognisably "Star Wars" based on the films I know and love. I'm still waiting for a sequel to The Order: 1886, which was amazing. There's nothing wrong with Just Cause.

Rockstar are hugely overrated, but don't even get me started on Nintendo, who have somehow brainwashed the entire world into buying and praising the same three games over and over again. I wish more people still made licenced games. I will actively avoid Japanese games that don't feature an English dub (and once before, when I purchased a game thinking it had one and it didn't, I stopped playing it immediately returned it as faulty) but have no problem playing games that have a made-up language or no voice acting at all. Mobile gaming is "proper" gaming; it's just a different sort, that's all. Sports games are boring.


That was very cathartic, thank you!

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I liked this thread over on NL, although, at some point, it turned into more of a "attack peoples' unpopular gaming opinions" thread.

  • I'm not a fan of the "cinematic" games Sony has been funding and publishing since the PS3 era. Journey and The Last of Us, in particular, were two of the most boring gaming experiences I've ever had.
  • In general, I'm not a huge fan of realistic art styles in games, and prefer more stylized visual design. Uncharted games might leak money from their over-budgeted eyeballs, but they don't impress me at all.
  • I don't like Soulsborne games. I don't like the almost complete absence of exposition. I don't like the lack of maps. I don't like the complex, looping structures of their worlds. I don't like the way they obfuscate basic mechanics in their games. I don't like that they involve wandering around depressing, samey-looking areas and killing enemies. Very little about them appeals to me.
  • Mass Effect 2 ruined the franchise, as far as I am concerned, with the way it opted to replace the fantastic RPG mechanics and huge amount of exploration with hallways, an increased focus on gunplay, less of a focus on class differentiation, and planet scanning.
  • I don't like the Bayonetta duology. The stories are borderline nonsense, the presentation is uneven, I don't like being scored on combat encounters, I hate the 'gimmick' levels, and I don't care for the complex, combo-based combat system.
  • I've not played The Witcher 3, but the obnoxious, fanatical fanbase sometimes makes me want to keep not playing it.
  • I'm not a huge fan of Western-developed AAA multiplats in general and haven't purchased one new in years. The last game like this I bought was Fallout 4, and that was a staggering disappointment. I just vastly prefer Japanese-developed games.
  • Batman: Arkham City is a boring open world game. I like it way less than Asylum and Knight (which I feel is a much more interesting open world Batman experience overall)
  • MGS3 is my least favorite game in the original trilogy. I missed the radar, and I didn't like the shift away from the industrial environments in the first two games.
  • Super Mario 64 has not aged well and is a pain to try and play today. Mario feels 'slippery' and the camera is horribly unresponsive.
  • Super Mario World is strange and my least favorite of the 2D Mario games. Yes, I like it even less than the NSMB games.
  • I don't miss traditional dungeons that much in BotW. I was tired of Nintendo re-creating Ocarina of Time over and over anyway. I want them to double-down on the open world design in the next sequel.
  • Yoshi is a pain to control in almost every Mario game he appears in. The one exception is Super Mario Odyssey.
  • Despite its poor software support in later years, the Wii U was an interesting console and I like it more than my PS4 (in terms of the hardware; obviously, the library is inferior)
  • The N64 is the worst home console Nintendo ever made (other than Virtual Boy, obviously). Utterly bizarre controller and only a handful of interesting games.
  • Sports games are indeed boring. I don't care if they have RPG aspects, Mario, mutants... whatever, I want nothing to do with them!
  • Gyro aiming > Traditional dualstick aiming
  • I enjoyed what I played of Yooka-Laylee and think it's a fundamentally solid platformer

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+1 on all the Final Fantasy XIII stuff. It's funny that the ILLUSION of freedom kept people happy in the past, but it became insulting when it was removed LOL.

In general, I wish there was a "like" option for posts in the forums because I also agree with a lot of other stuff said here!....Well, maybe only half of what RogerRoger said

I'll just add that LawBreakers (rated 8/10 by PushSquare!) was soooo much better than Overwatch, absolutely baffles me why it didn't catch on! That and the multiplayer for Killzone: ShadowFall are some of the best PVP games this generation, IMHO.

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@smelly_jr Half...?! Darn, I was going for "universal condemnation".

Killzone: Shadow Fall is an incredibly underrated game. If the multiplayer has anywhere near the fluid, responsive controls of the campaign, I can understand your praise.

I forgot a couple things...

Uncharted 3 is the high point of the franchise. Perhaps only barely so, after Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy, but it's the best. Fantasy-based games, no matter what genre, bore me to tears. I'll never play an Elder Scrolls game, nor Dragon Age, no matter how many times people go on about how amazing they are. I also don't like difficult games, probably because I recognise my own limited skills and therefore don't wanna set myself up for countless hours of failure to earn a bronze trophy and a virtual pat on the back. Oddly enough, the "game" parts of games are often my least favourite. I'm mostly just listening to the music anyway.

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Mario is one of the most annoying characters in video games and i will only play a game were you can shoot him repeatedly in the head.

Fortnite is rubbish.

Console controllers are better than mouse and keyboard for playing games.

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Final Fantasy XIII was thoroughly enjoyable. Lightning is one of my all-time favourite game characters. She's awesome and I like her voice acting.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 is a great game. Honestly, I've never understood the internet's overblown hatred of this one as I assume most people simply haven't played it. If someone hasn't played something, they shouldn't jump on the "this game is crap I hate it" train like a zombie sheep.

Super Mario 3D World sucks. Unpopular opinion among Nintendo fans, I guess. It's dull, uninspired, and don't get me started on that damn run button. I remain convinced to this day that it started life as a 3DS game.

Mass Effect 3 is the best of the original trilogy.

The Vita is better than the 3DS in every way. Apart from not having "A Link Between Worlds", of course.

@RogerRoger I dislike difficult games too. I like easy games that I can play through without getting stressed or annoyed.

There are probably more I'll think of!

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Puzzles are awful.

Sleeping Dogs > Any GTA game

X-Box controllers suck.

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I suppose I could add a few more.

  • I think Souls-style games are getting overdone at this point. It's not platformers in the 90's level, but it's kinda tired to me.
  • I still enjoy WWE games. Glitches aside, I don't mind the gameplay change.
  • While I'm not hardcore into E-Sports, I don't think they're terrible, and I'm a proud member of the Fighting Game Community. I don't really see the bile, to be honest.
  • I've honestly gotten tired of multiplayer games getting panned just because they're multiplayer. I don't support recent practices and all that, but I can't help but slam my face on a table whenever a game gets flogged online just because it has a multiplayer or online focus, regardless if it's service model.
  • I legitimately feel sorry for Tetsuya Nomura for heading up multiple of Square Enix's big projects (KH3, FF7R, and was the original director for FFXV), working on them for years and getting snark in return.
  • If gameplay being more important than graphics is a minority opinion, then count me in, because if the gameplay isn't engaging, enjoyable, and polished, I'm likely not going to play it regardless of everything else. Walking Sims are the exception to this rule, since you can't screw up walking.

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I liked this thread over on NL, although, at some point, it turned into more of a "attack peoples' unpopular gaming opinions" thread.

@Ralizah Well, if it turns into that then it will be shut down.

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@Ralizah "I'm not a huge fan of Western-developed AAA multiplats in general and haven't purchased one new in years. I just vastly prefer Japanese-developed games."

I feel a bit the same way myself. Don't really fancy games by Rockstar, Bethesda, Bioware and etc... tbh.

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-Nier Automata was a better game than Horizon Zero Dawn.
-Similarly to @Ralizah ‘s sentiment, I have avoided COD, Fortnite, Madden, FIFA, and GTA primarily because of a disdain for the stereotypical fan base. (No offense to anyone who likes those, but as a whole, I don’t care for the vibe)
-In fact I’ll take things one step further — I harbor a small amount of resentment that video games have become more mainstream and poisoned by every Tom, Dick, and Harry now. It used to be a safe harbor for geeks and nerds like me and now all these bros and dudes ruin what was an unpopular club of introverts, intellectuals, and the eccentric. Games are so mainstream now that old ladies play them on their iPads in the lobby waiting for the doctor. I feel a small part of my identity is diluted by the explosion of gaming culture.

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For me, there isn't much that goes against the norm, apart from a couple of huge franchises.

Naughty Dog. Never liked the story or characters in their games. Visually they look great, but that's about it.

Zelda. Only ever enjoyed Link to the Past, hated every other game. I have forced myself to play about 20 hours of Zelda Breath of the Wild and just can't bring myself to play anymore.

There maybe a few others but these two always come straight to mind.



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