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Bought Ni No Kuni 2 and I'm super excited to play it. Now, if only don't have to wait for 20 more days to be able to. Play it and if I didn't have 3 more games which I have also bought but haven't even installed...



Caved in and got Detroit. I quite liked the demo, so I hope I like the game as well.



Saw South Park: The Fractured But Whole on a sale for €18 and decided to buy it. Haven't played any of these games yet, so I started up The Stick of Truth on the 360 earlier to find out if I will like the formula and it's pretty fun actually. The gameplay really reminds me of Paper Mario, so I'm more than excited to play these games.

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@Octane Great game! I'm genuinely surprised how much I'm enjoying it.
I wonder how many people are sleeping on this game just because of David Cage hate... .
It's not a game for everyone, but I'm glad it exists- in fact I need more of it.
Pro tip...after every play session make sure to hang out at the menu screen for a while .

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@Fight_Teza_Fight I haven't played any other Quantic Dream game yet, so I'm oblivious to all the bias

I'm just going off what I played in the demo. And I have to keep up my promise of 1 new game every month, so Detroit is my game for May!



Waited until the last minute to decide which version of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary to get and decided on PS4. Since I got the digital pre-order in just on time, also get USF IV, in the end having basically the entire series available on one console was the deciding factor over portability.



@Gamer83 That's what swayed my decision as well. I am kinda OCD myself is I like to have a series all.on the same system if possible. That and I don't see myself playing SF portable too often as I will be playing SF mostly with my friends.

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My friends are also going to be playing it on PS4. That was another factor.

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@KratosMD I liked both, bought the version of fractured but whole that came with stick of truth. Thought both were brilliant but stick of truth really stood out, even the censored eu version I played was pretty hilarious!! Enjoy 👍



Just grabbed Detroit become human. But I still keep going back to games I shouldn't be playing



There was a sale in my local shop 😁 buy 3 games play 2, so I grabbed kingdom hearts 2.8, Dragon ball xenoverse 2 and assassins creed enzio collection 😁

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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary and Sega Genesis Collection

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Not really a purchase but I noticed that Ultra Street Fighter IV showed up in my library yesterday which falls in line with the pre-order details for the digital version of SF 30th Anniversary Collection. Thought I'd put it out there if anybody else bought digitally and was still waiting for USF IV. Should be getting it soon.



Detroit: become human, which is even better than I imagined, so my expectations have been exceeded. Sure, the camera angles could be better, but that's a minor issue. The positives more than outweight it. I've been waiting so long for a game like this.

MotoGP 18, which hasn't arrived yet, bought it on disc as pre-order. Super excited to see what they have done with the new game/graphics engine. Really itching for this.

Nobunaga's Ambition: Taishi, another pre-order on the way. I don't really play these kinds of strategy games anymore, I used to play them a great deal on PC, many years ago. However, this series has stuck with me, I really like the narration, presentation and gameplay mechanics.



Topped up my PS+ and bought the two South Park games. They have been on my to buy list for a while, looking to start TSOT asap.

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I bought Mass Effect: Andromeda in the last sale for £6.50 - haven't played it. I got XCOM 2 on Plus recently, and Beyond: Two Souls - haven't played them either. I signed up to the PS Now free trial and had a look around that. Tempting for £5 per month at the moment.

Mostly I've been building World Cup excitement by playing the FIFA 18 WC Mode. It's OK, nothing special.



I bought Sexy Brutale and The Bunker after hearing some really good stuff about them. And for only 10 euro combined in the current sale, I couldn't resist!

Also bought the Fallout Far Harbor DLC. I needed to scratch the itch after seeing the trailer for 76.

(And the DLC for Towerfall. One of my most played PS4 games.)

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No doubt lost amongst the E3 hype. Bomberman R out today.

Anyone have it? Thoughts?

I'm a fan of the series, and I know on release for Switch - the game was fairly badly received, but also that it was favoured with unexpected post release support from Konami and patched a fair amount.

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Rolling on with my retro period. Bought the BIT.TRIP and 8-bit anthology volume 1 (including Shadowgate and two other similar games). Fantastic price at PS store!



@KALofKRYPTON I would be up for some Bomberman for sure.

For Fathers day I got;
Street Fighter Collection
South Park TFBH
Minecraft story mode season 2

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I also got a Mario T Shirt so even legends make mistakes.

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