People Are Beginning to Play Around with PS5's Remote Play Handheld 1
Image: Push Square

While the PS Portal is technically Sony’s first portable since the PS Vita, the Japanese giant is treating it as more of an accessory for the PS5, like the DualSense Edge or upcoming Pulse headphones. That’s because the device can’t operate independently of the new-gen console, requiring an advanced, streamlined version of Remote Play to function.

While it’s technically not a new handheld, then, it’s still an important hardware launch – and some outlets are beginning to receive their units ahead of the gizmo’s official release next week. Spanish website Hobby Consolas is one such outlet, posting an unboxing on YouTube. While an embargo forbids it from showing the actual gameplay experience, we do get a glimpse of the unit in the flesh.

Honestly, it’s an unusual gadget – effectively a DualSense with an eight-inch screen lodged in the middle. The analogue sticks are the smaller versions repurposed from the PSVR2 Sense Controllers, while all of the adaptive trigger and haptic feedback functionality from the PS5’s primary pad are present and correct.

Visually this is an oddball accessory, but it appears sturdy and comfortable, which is the most important part. Assuming the core Remote Play experience is excellent, we reckon this could ultimately prove an appealing accessory – assuming you’re the target audience. We’ll bring you our own review as soon as possible, but sadly we’re yet to receive a pre-release unit.