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  • News Rediscovered Patent Suggests PS Portal Was In the Works Since at Least 2015

    Could've been a PS4 device

    It appears that Sony has been planning a dedicated Remote Play handheld for a long time. In fact, there's evidence suggesting work began on what would become PS Portal at least eight years ago — long enough back that it could've potentially been made for PS4. Fans have dug up a patent, filed by Sony in 2015 and...

  • News PS Portal Will Be Tracked As a Console by USA Data Firm Circana

    Not an accessory

    According to a deleted tweet published by Circana analyst Mat Piscatella, the PS Portal will be tracked as a console in the firm’s next video game sales report. This, allegedly, is due to a request by Sony. Many had expected the Remote Play handheld to be listed as an accessory like the DualSense – especially as it needs to be...

  • News PS Portal Outsells Xbox Series X|S During Launch Week in Spain

    Handheld had a strong debut

    Xbox isn’t exactly lighting up the sales charts at the moment – especially in Europe. It’s been a bit of a washout this year in countries like France and Germany, where Sony has seen PS5 sales explode by up to 143 per cent – while in October the Redmond firm witnessed a year-over-year decline of an extraordinary...

  • Video Why Sony Will Never Make the PS Vita 2

    We all want one, but does it really make sense?

    The PS Portal is here, ushering Sony back into the handheld market. But this remote-play device isn’t quite what many fans were hoping for. Over a decade after the launch of the PlayStation Vita, there’s still a fiery demand for a true successor, and to some the PS Portal is nothing more than a...

  • News PS Portal Sells Out In Just a Couple of Days

    Scalpers are already jumping in

    We don't know the exact hows and whys, but the PS Portal appears to be sold out all over the place. Sony's remote play handheld launched just a couple of days ago in major territories, but you'll be hard pressed to track one down. The device is currently listed as unavailable on Sony's own PlayStation Direct — both...

  • Poll Did You Buy a PS Portal?

    Jump in

    Sony's dedicated remote play device, the PlayStation Portal — or PS Portal for short — is out now. The handheld system is designed to be a second screen for your PS5, which operates via an internet connection. It's fair to say that the Portal won't appeal to everyone, but for those who want to continue playing their PS5 games when the...

  • Guide PS Portal FAQ - All Your Questions Answered

    Know everything about Sony's new handheld

    PS Portal, or PlayStation Portal, is a Remote Play handheld for PS5 which allows you to play Sony's new-gen console while your television is occupied, around your home, or potentially while you are outside. The device requires an Internet connection in order to operate, and cannot be used independently like...

  • Hardware Review PS Portal Is the Perfect PS5 Companion (For Some)

    A great product at the mercy of your Internet connection

    When the PS Portal was first announced, we were endlessly sceptical about Sony's sort of return to the handheld market. We've spent the best part of a decade clamouring for a new PS Vita, so the PS Portal understandably feels like a half-measure, rather than the real deal. However, after...

  • News People Are Beginning to Play Around with PS5's Remote Play Handheld

    Stream like you mean it

    While the PS Portal is technically Sony’s first portable since the PS Vita, the Japanese giant is treating it as more of an accessory for the PS5, like the DualSense Edge or upcoming Pulse headphones. That’s because the device can’t operate independently of the new-gen console, requiring an advanced, streamlined version...

  • News Demand for PlayStation Portal Sky High in Japan, Pre-Orders Reportedly Sold Out

    Thinking with portals

    The PlayStation Portal has been met with raised eyebrows and shrugged shoulders among enthusiasts in the West, but it seems as though Japan is very much onboard with the Remote Play handheld. Pre-orders for the device recently went live at various retailers, and over in Sony's homeland, demand is reportedly high; PS Portal is...

  • Guide Where to Pre-Order PlayStation Portal

    Where and how to get PS Portal in USA, UK

    PlayStation Portal, Sony's dedicated Remote Play handheld device for PS5, is launching globally on 15th November 2023, and pre-orders are now live across various retailers. Initially you could only pre-order the accessory via PlayStation Direct, but this has now opened up to all the regular stores, giving...

  • News PS5's Remote Play Handheld PS Portal Releases on 15th November

    You can pre-order now

    Sony’s previously announced Remote Play portable for PS5, the PS Portal, will officially launch on 15th November – as dated overnight. Pre-orders are open now in select countries via the platform holder’s own direct-to-consumer storefront, PS Direct. The manufacturer says pre-orders will open at other retailers on 29th...

  • News PS Portal's Battery Life Aiming to Match PS5 Controller

    Power hour

    How long will the newly announced Remote Play handheld PS Portal’s battery last? While there were rumours recently it could dip as low as a couple of hours, Sony’s told CNET that it’s aiming for the sam