Alongside the newly named PlayStation Portal, Sony has also lifted the veil on some new official accessories. The company is introducing some premium wireless headphones named Pulse Elite, and a set of wireless earbuds named Pulse Explore.

Pulse Elite is an over-ear headset that offers "lossless audio", and comes with a built-in retractable microphone. It also boasts "AI-enhanced noise rejection", which aims to eliminate background noise from your voice channel. In the box with the headset comes a charging hanger, so you can store your headphones nicely and ensure they're always powered.

Pulse Explore is PlayStation's first stab at wireless earbuds, and they offer a similar experience to the Elite headphones. They feature dual microphones, the same noise rejection tech, lossless audio, and they come packaged with a charging case.

Both devices use "custom-designed planar magnetic drivers", which we won't pretend to understand but appears to be a Good Thing. Apparently, the Pulse Explore earbuds will be one of the first sets to utilise this tech.

If they sound expensive, that's because they are. Pulse Elite will set you back $149.99 / £129.99, while the Pulse Explore earbuds cost $199.99 / £199.99. Details on when and where you can purchase them is coming at a later date.

These headphones also make use of PlayStation Link, which is a technology that works to streamline wireless audio. "This innovation delivers low latency, lossless audio and easy switching between multiple PlayStation Link hosts such as PS5 with the USB adapter and PlayStation Portal," the PS Blog says.

The USB adapter, which comes included with the devices, is required when using Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore with PS5, a PC, or Mac, and will also be available to buy separately. Interestingly, these audio devices can connect simultaneously to PlayStation Link and a Bluetooth device. The example given is having the headphones hooked up to your PS5 via the adapter, while also connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This allows you to take calls through your Pulse Elite or Explore, which is pretty neat.

It all sounds quite impressive, though of course we won't know for sure until we get our hands (ears?) on them. What do you think of PlayStation's new Pulse audio devices? Make yourselves heard in the comments section below.