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  • Guide How to Use PS4 Remote Play on Your PC, Mac

    Never stop playing

    Remote Play, the nifty PlayStation 4 feature that allows you to stream your games wherever you go, has now been extended to the PC and Mac. This means that, in addition to the PlayStation Vita, you'll be able to play all of your games on a laptop or a MacBook – as long as you have a DualShock 4 controller and a USB charging...


  • News PS4 Remote Play Will Stream to PC in the Future

    What a load of Macintosh

    You may have read recently about an unofficial application which promised to enable PlayStation 4 Remote Play functionality on computers. Well, the people that have been building that must be feeling pretty darn rotten this morning, as Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that Sony's working on an...




  • News Just How Well Does PlayStation Vita Remote Play Work?

    Pretty well

    PlayStation Vita's Remote Play is arguably one of the most intriguing features of the PlayStation 4. Beholding the delightful destruction of Resogun while curled up in bed is an absolute joy. But if you don't own Sony's shiny new machine yet and want to see just how well the feature works, Digital Foundry has you covered. The...



  • News You'll Be Able to Play Co-Op Knack on PS4 and Vita

    Redefining rules

    There’s no doubt that Remote Play is one of the selling points of the PlayStation 4. The Gaikai-powered functionality will allow you to stream virtually all of your next generation titles directly to the PlayStation Vita, and play them in bed, on the toilet, or anywhere else that you desire. But the functionality is capable of...


  • TGS 2013 PS4 Games Sure Look Slick When Played on Vita

    Killer app

    It looks like cloud streaming company Gaikai was worth every cent of the $380 million that Sony paid for it, as the PlayStation 4’s hotly anticipated Remote Play functionality appears to work like a dream. The technology, which allows you to stream most next generation titles directly to your PlayStation Vita, was on display at the...




  • News Take Tokyo Jungle on the Road with Remote Play

    Pomeranian power

    Soon you’ll be able to take your Tokyo Jungle progress on the go, when Sony patches the quirky Japanese adventure with Remote Play support. “We are preparing a PS Vita Remote Play patch for Tokyo Jungle NA and EU versions,” Worldwide Studios gaffer Shuhei Yoshida divulged on Twitter. “Please wait a bit for the release timing...

  • News God of War Collection and ICO HD Now Available For Remote Play

    Vita only, PS3 patch required

    Yesterday we reported that a patch for ICO HD Remote Play was on the way, and thankfully for those that want to try it out the wait was particularly short. It's been confirmed on the PlayStation blog that updates are now available in North America and Europe not only for ICO &

  • News ICO HD Remote Play Patch On The Way

    A portable beauty

    Sometimes taking a classic and re-releasing it in a HD remake can be considered to be a bit of a cash grab. But when you take two wonderful PS2 games and make them even more special with upgraded visuals, as was the case with ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection — or ICO HD — then it's really impossible to complain. It...


  • News Imagine A World Where Remote Play Was Awesome

    Remote Play's always felt like a brilliant, brilliant idea completely squandered by a horrible lack of support

    We remember testing out the PS3-to-PSP streaming application back in the heady days of '08, and being amazed that we could play PixelJunk Eden in the back garden (just about). But once the initial novelty wore off, we started to wonder why we couldn't play Grand Theft Auto IV too, and..






  • News Dude Makes "Portable" Playstation 3 Type Thing

    Remote Play is a pretty awesome addition to the PS3/PSP's arsenal

    The problem? The Playstation Portable doesn't have enough buttons to map exactly to a DualShock - thus, the PSP can't be used as a bridge for a "portable" Playstation 3. In principle, correcting such a problem is exactly what modder Techknott has done. He's developed a portable device with the same inputs as a Dualshock..


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