Poor ol’ Kat. The Gravity Rush protagonist and PlayStation faithful’s favourite appears to have been cropped out of a piece of repurposed International Women’s Day artwork in a promo on the PS Store. To mark the occasion, Sony is celebrating games with female protagonists, like Horizon Forbidden West and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

However, fans have noticed an alteration to the artwork, as shared below:

The original image featured Kat and Sackgirl on the right-side of the wallpaper, but both have been edited out. We’re going to go out on a limb and suggest this isn’t nefarious, because it seems like both characters have been cropped to make room for the icon that Sony’s added in the upper-right. We’re sure whichever graphic designer committed this cardinal sin did so innocently.

For clarity, here’s the original unedited artwork, with Kat included:

Gravity Rush Kat Sony PlayStation 1
Image: PlayStation

Ultimately, this will go down as another example of Sony’s mistreatment of the topsy-turvy heroine, after the game’s servers were shutdown in 18 months and the entire franchise put to bed shortly after. Creator Keiichiro Toyama has since left Japan Studio, and in fact the entire studio has been closed down. We’ll never forget you, though, Kat!

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