Resident Evil Village Woman

Capcom made the surprise announcement today of a Resident Evil showcase scheduled for next Thursday, which will contain lots of new gameplay and information for Resident Evil Village. A pleasant reveal indeed, but that's not what has gotten the internet talking. It's the ludicrously tall woman you see above, captured from the teaser trailer accompanying the reveal in question. If you enlarge the image and really take the scene in, you'll notice she's at least twice the height of her friends! What is going on here!?

Naturally, Twitter is abuzz with debate over why she is so tall and just how her height came to be. Next, take a look at the tweet below. She has to bend down just to get through a doorframe. This is abnormally scary! Do we have the new Stalker enemy like Mr X from Resident Evil 2 and Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 on our hands? Maybe so.

We need to know more. What do you make of all this creepy business? Post your theories in the comments below.