Do you need a Trophy guide for The Callisto Protocol? As part of our The Callisto Protocol guide, we're going to help you unlock all Trophies and reveal how to get the Platinum. Our Trophy roadmap will cover questions like whether there are any Missable Trophies or Difficulty Related Trophies.

Due to the nature of the content on this page, please note there may be The Callisto Protocol spoilers below. While we have tried to keep everything as spoiler-free as possible, clicking through to other pages could reveal plot points and late-game scenarios.

The Callisto Protocol Trophy Guide: All Trophies and How to Unlock the Platinum

The Callisto Protocol Trophy Guide: All Trophies and How to Unlock the Platinum

The Callisto Protocol has 27 Trophies to unlock, including the Platinum. In this part of our The Callisto Protocol Trophy guide, we will first reveal our Trophy Roadmap, and then detail how to unlock all Trophies.

Trophy Roadmap

It is possible to unlock all of the Trophies in The Callisto Protocol in a single playthrough, but we strongly advise splitting things up across two runs. You need to beat the game on its hardest difficulty setting, Maximum Security, which is a very tough ask on your first playthrough. Therefore, we recommend a first playthrough on either the normal or easy settings and finding all collectibles and unlocking Missable Trophies. Then, once you're familiar with the game, start another run on Maximum Security with your only objective being to finish the campaign.

There's no New Game+ option either, so you'll be starting over without any abilities unlocked. Furthermore, there's no Chapter Select. You can set up your own hard saves in places throughout the game as a compromise, though. Trophy progression carries over between deaths, so if you find a good place to grind a Trophy, feel free to die and continue doing whatever it is you need.

Are There Any Missable Trophies?

There are lots of Missable Trophies in The Callisto Protocol, but you should earn the vast majority of them by playing the game naturally. Most relate to doing certain things during combat, like using the GRP and cutting off specific limbs. The only Missable Trophy you need to take note of is Grim Reaper, which asks you to find All Implant Bios Locations.

Besides that, you can reload saves to grind out any Trophies where you need to do things multiple times. Progress also carries over between deaths.

The Missable Trophies are:

Do Difficulty Options Affect Trophies?

The Callisto Protocol has Minimum Security, Medium Security, and Maximum Security difficulty settings (easy, normal, and hard). You'll unlock the I Do Belong Here Trophy for beating the game on any difficulty, but then you'll need to finish a playthrough on Maximum Security to unlock The Protocol Is About Life Trophy. There's no New Game+ mode to let you carry over your upgrades between playthroughs.

Trophy Guide

It's Over, Jacob!

Platinum: Collect all Trophies

Unlock the other 26 Trophies that make up this list and you'll automatically unlock the Platinum Trophy.

I Do Belong Here

Gold: Beat the game on any difficulty

Complete all eight chapters of The Callisto Protocol to automatically unlock this Trophy. As the description implies, this can be done on the easiest difficulty setting. You can also lower the difficulty mid-way through the game and still unlock this Trophy.

You Need a Gun

Gold: Fully upgrade one weapon

At Reforge stations, you can spend Callisto Credits to upgrade weapons. The BI-55 Pistol is the easiest gun to fully upgrade since it's the first one you get, and there are more than enough Callisto Credits to take it — and a few other weapons — all the way.

The Protocol Is About Life

Gold: Beat the game on Maximum Security difficulty

The Maximum Security difficulty mode is the hardest one in the game, and it's available as soon as you boot it up. There's no New Game+ option, so you'll need to start this playthrough the same as you would any other run. Without any upgrades, you need to beat the title on Maximum Security and never alter the difficulty.

Grim Reaper

Gold: Harvest and read all implant bios

This Trophy requires you to find every Implant Bio and Audio Log in the game, of which there are 43 in total. Refer to the following guides for more information: All Audio Logs Locations, All Implant Bios Locations.

The Commonality

Gold: Uncover the mystery of Kallipolis

Find Audio Log #5: Secret Room 1 and Audio Log #17: Secret Room 2 to unlock this Trophy.

Get a Grip

Silver: Grab 25 enemies with the GRP

You unlock the GRP a few hours into the campaign. Simply grab 25 enemies by holding L2 and then selecting one with the X button. You'll easily unlock this over the course of the story.


Silver: Take down a security robot

Your first chance to unlock this Trophy takes place in the third chapter, Aftermath. The main path will bring you to a sort of security checkpoint with a security robot patrolling. Aim for its head with the BI-55 Pistol, and after roughly five successful shot, the bot will be destroyed and you'll unlock the Trophy.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Gold: Take down the two-head

Two-Head is a boss you'll fight at the end of chapter six, Below. Once it's dead, you'll automatically unlock this Trophy.

In Striking Distance

Gold: Kill an enemy via GRP and a melee combo

You must kill an enemy by first using the GRP and then following up with a melee hit. The enemy must be killed by your first melee blow; follow-up attacks don't count for this Trophy. Therefore, grab an enemy with your GRP and throw it at a wall that doesn't have spikes on it (this would be an instant kill). Then follow up with one melee attack, and if the enemy dies, you'll unlock the Trophy.

Paper Jams

Silver: Print a weapon for the first time

You'll unlock this Trophy in the game's third chapter, Aftermath. Very close to the start in the room with Elias, you'll find your first Reforge station and will be able to print the BI-55 Pistol.


Silver: Print a weapon upgrade

Simply upgrade any of your weapons using Callisto Credits at a Reforge station. You'll be able to do this as soon as the third chapter, Aftermath.

Giving Back

Silver: Stab five blind enemies in the back

You'll encounter blind enemies in the sixth chapter, Below. All you need to do its sneak up behind one of them and press the X button to stab them. Repeat this five times and the Trophy is yours.


Bronze: Take a photo using Photo Mode

Photo Mode can be accessed through the pause menu. Simply open it up and snap a picture to unlock this Trophy.

Float Like a Butterfly

Silver: Perfect dodge five times

A perfect dodge occurs when you avoid an enemy's attack at the very last second. You've done it correctly if you get a bit of slow-motion action. Do this five times to unlock the Trophy.

Flesh Wound

Silver: Use melee or ranged weapons to take both arms off a living enemy

It's easiest to do this with a gun: simply shoot off an enemy's arms and the Trophy will unlock.

Chew 'Em Up

Silver: Kill 10 enemies with environmental hazards

Environmental hazards are whenever you spot an active piece of machinery that could chop up an enemy. Grab 10 enemies with the GRP and then throw them into an environmental hazard.

Workplace Hazard

Silver: Use GRP to kill an enemy by throwing them into an environmental hazard

Your first opportunity to unlock this Trophy comes in chapter three, Aftermath. After crossing over to the SHU via a gondola, you'll need to reassign two Gate Fuses. Once that's done, the door will slowly power up and lots of enemies will spawn with active machinery all around you. Simply grab one of them using the GRP and throw them at the environmental hazard, killing them and unlocking the Trophy.

The Outer Way

Bronze: Find the Outer Way boarding craft

This will almost certainly be the first Trophy you unlock in the game, and it comes as part of the main story in the Cargo chapter. After making your way through the cargo hold, you'll find a passage full of fire, at which point Jacob will say the ship has been boarded. The Trophy will then unlock.

Desperate Times

Bronze: Elias gives Jacob a shiv

You'll unlock this story-related Trophy in the second chapter, Outbreak. After breaking out of your cell, you'll follow a linear path down the floor below and encounter an inmate who is still locked up. Interact with him and he'll hand you a shiv, unlocking the Trophy.

If the SHU Fits...

Bronze: Activate the SHU

This story-related Trophy is unlocked in the third chapter, Aftermath. Once you reach the command centre where Elias is, heading downstairs will automatically unlock the Trophy.

Without a Paddle

Bronze: Survive the pipeslide

Another story-related Trophy, you'll unlock this one in the fourth chapter, Habitat. You'll eventually fall into a tunnel that quickly floods with water. You must now avoid the obstacles in your path and complete some quick time events. Once you climb up a chain at the end, you'll unlock this Trophy.

Crash Site

Bronze: Return to the Crashed Ship

This story-related Trophy occurs in the fifth chapter, Lost. When you're accompanying Dani, she'll take you back the wreckage of your old ship. Once you enter, the Trophy will unlock.

In the Pipe, Five by Five

Bronze: Reach the Hangar flight deck

This story-related Trophy takes place in the fifth chapter, Lost. When you're working with Dani, you'll take an elevator up to a hangar's flight deck and this Trophy will automatically unlock.

Power Up

Bronze: Restore power to the old facility

You unlock this automatically in the sixth chapter, Below. After restoring power by flipping the third breaker, this Trophy will unlock.

What Lies Beneath

Bronze: Find the source

This Trophy is automatically unlocked in chapter seven, Colony. When you're given a tour of the dome by a hologram, the Trophy will unlock.

Full Circle

Bronze: Get thrown back into original cell

Automatically unlocked at the very end of the seventh chapter, Colony.

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