Do you need a Colony walkthrough for The Callisto Protocol? Colony is the seventh chapter in the game and has Jacob and Dani trying to escape new threats and uncovering new information. As part of our The Callisto Protocol guide, we're going to share a Colony walkthrough that helps you through every part of the level, including puzzles and combat. There are 5 Implant Bios and 2 Audio Logs in this chapter.

The Callisto Protocol: Colony Walkthrough

The Callisto Protocol: Colony Walkthrough 1
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Picking up immediately after Below, Dani will tell you to find the Old Colony. Follow the path on your left and you'll find Implant Bio #1: Alex Wang right away.

Implant Bio #1: Alex Wang

At the very start of the chapter, Implant Bio #1: Alex Wang will be on the ground along the path to your left.

Next, climb up and through the cave system and you'll find where the Old Colony was held up. Dani tells you to meet her at the light tower, so pass through the shipping container, picking up Audio Log #1: Miner Log 2 before going down the ladder.

Audio Log #1: Miner Log 2

Once you reach where the Old Colony was held up, you'll run through a shipping container and Audio Log #1: Miner Log 2 will be on a shelf next to the ladder.

The Callisto Protocol: Colony Walkthrough 4
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On the level below, some falling debris will open up a hole for you to climb down, and then you'll encounter some blind enemies. Follow the same strategy as before: sneak up behind them for easy kills. Once they're all dead (there are roughly five or six of them in the area), open up the room in the back by pulling the lever and then interacting with the console. You'll need to find the Keycard, so follow the signs for Midtown and go up the ladder.

More blind enemies await you upstairs, so take it slow and silently stab as many of them as you can. Enter the second door on the side you climb up to — it's marked unlocked in green — to find Implant Bio #2: Derryn Barr. Just be careful with the blind enemy standing over the body.

Implant Bio #2: Derryn Barr

After following the sign to Midtown and taking the ladder up, take the second door on the same side you come up. It's marked unlocked in green, and in the back is Implant Bio #2: Derryn Barr with a blind enemy standing over it.

Now go through the General Store and follow the path around to the left to find a bathroom with a Pristine Energy Convertor inside along with the Assault Rifle Schematic. Now go through the door labelled Security and take the Keycard off the wall with an enemy beside it. Retrace your steps back to the console to insert the Keycard — there'll be more blind enemies to kill on the way back — and unlock the door just in front of you.

Take the lift up and you'll find Implant Bio #3: Yannick Sage as you step out.

Implant Bio #3: Yannick Sage

You'll find Implant Bio #3: Yannick Sage as soon as you step out of the elevator you unlocked to Hightown.

Enter the building on your left if you want a fight and some extra supplies, but the main path takes us to the right and up the staircase — past the enemy, of course. On your immediate right, there's a small room with an enemy inside and Implant Bio #4: Buidhe Reddwork.

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Implant Bio #4: Buidhe Reddwork

Very shortly after grabbing Implant Bio #3: Yannick Sage, you'll ascend a staircase. As soon as you reach the top, take a right and enter the building to find an enemy and Implant Bio #4: Buidhe Reddwork on the ground.

Now follow the path marked Roof Top to eventually find a locked door. This gives you the objective of finding a Gate Fuse to open it. Double back to the start of this area and now take a left, climbing through the open window. In a room lit up in blue with green stars, you'll find the Gate Fuse you need. Multiple enemies will spawn as soon as you pick it up, so be prepared for a fight — stock up on health and ammo.

Return to the locked door once they're dead and insert the Gate Fuse. On the other side, you'll find a Reforge station, a Health Injector, Riot Gun Ammo, Skunk Gun Ammo, and Implant Bio #5: Ji-Kwan Park.

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Implant Bio #5: Ji-Kwan Park

After getting the Gate Fuse to unlock the door as part of the main story, Implant Bio #5: Ji-Kwan Park will be on the other side next to a Reforge station.

Head up the ladder in the same room, then shimmy to the other side. Drop down and you'll be reunited with Dani doing... something in a cutscene. When you regain control, you'll have to fight another Two Head. It's a one-hit kill if it connects with you, so play things extremely safely. Some standard enemies will even appear during the fight, just to make things that little bit harder. Luckily, a lot of ammo is placed in the boxes inside the buildings around the arena, so be sure to grab all that first. Once it's dead, Dani will reappear (thanks for helping!).

Follow her, but the walkway will collapse and you'll be separated again. in the room ahead will be two lots of Health Gel, Callisto Credits, and a Reforge station for upgrades. Through the door takes you back to an earlier area, so take the ladder back up to Midtown while dealing with all the enemies that spawn. Go through the room with the hazmat suits and you'll find Dani again. Follow her and go through the gate she unlocks, then head into the dome.

After heading through the door, you'll be taken on a tour of the dome by a hologram, eventually unlocking the What Lies Beneath Trophy. After the cutscene, you'll be in a short boss fight. The boss hits extremely hard, so dodge as many of its swings as you can. When it's completed a full combo, attack yourself for a couple of blows. There's no point retreating because it immediately sprints at you, so just focus on timing your dodges correctly. After roughly two combos from both you and the boss, a cutscene will end the encounter. You don't have to kill the boss.

When you regain control, interact with the console on the platform. After the cutscene, get off the platform and grab Audio Log #2: Disagreement.

Audio Log #2: Disagreement

After the boss fight and the following cutscene in which Dani begins to turn, get off the platform and Audio Log #2: Disagreement will be on your immediate right.

The Callisto Protocol: Colony Walkthrough 31
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Grab the Health Gel and use the Reforge station if needs be, then go through the door and accompany Dani until she interacts with a console. The next cutscene completes the chapter and you'll unlock the Full Circle Trophy.

The Callisto Protocol: Colony Walkthrough 32
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The Callisto Protocol: Colony Objectives

  • Locate the Old Colony
  • Find the Elevator Keycard
  • Return to the Elevator
  • Ascend the Elevator to Hightown
  • Find Dani at the Roof Tops
  • Find Dani
  • Follow Dani
  • Reunite with Dani
  • Follow Dani
  • Investigate the Lab
  • Exit the Colony on the Funicular

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