Do you need a Cargo walkthrough for The Callisto Protocol? Cargo is the first chapter of the game and mostly acts as a tutorial for its movement options. As part of our The Callisto Protocol guide, we're going to share a Cargo walkthrough that helps you through every part of the level, including puzzles and combat. There is 1 Audio Log in this chapter.

The Callisto Protocol: Cargo Walkthrough

The Callisto Protocol: Cargo Walkthrough 1
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After the introductory cutscene, you'll have control of protagonist Jacob Lee and be told to check on the special cargo in the cargo hold. Exit the ship's cockpit and you'll be in a mess hall, with the kitchen on your right and bedrooms through two doors on your left. Enter the first door and pick up Audio Log #1: Jacob's Job from the left-hand cabinet.

Audio Log #1: Jacob's Job

Once you're handed control of Jacob, exit the ship's cockpit and take the first door on your left in the mess hall. The game will walk you through opening cabinets and picking up objects, with your reward being Audio Log #1: Jacob's Job.

Return to the mess hall and take a left, heading through the door at the end of the room to enter the cargo hold. Go down the staircase on your left, then follow the path to the right and vault over the boxes blocking your path. Go through the only door ahead of you, and Jacob will check on the cargo on the other side, making sure it's all still in check.

He wants to make sure everything else is still running smoothly, though, so hang a right and follow the corridor back into the cargo hold. Mantle over the container blocking your path, then climb back down on the other side and enter the unlocked door. The path to your right is heavily damaged, revealing the ship has been boarded. At this point, you'll automatically unlock The Outer Way Trophy.

Return to the cargo hold using the path ahead and crouch under the storage. Jacob will spot Outer Way soldiers just ahead, so you'll need to sneak past them by following the linear route through the containers.

Once you reach the end, sprint up the staircase and return to the mess hall. The game will take control here in a cutscene, as the airlock opens and the ship is exposed to space. An Outer Way solider will shoot the window open, forcing you to crawl along the floor back to the cockpit. Simply push forward on the left thumbstick, and when a floor grate ahead of you falls off, work your way around it. Once you reach your seat in the cockpit, a cutscene takes over and the chapter is complete.

The Callisto Protocol: Cargo Objectives

  • Check on Special Cargo
  • Return to the Cockpit

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