Looking for the best builds for Eve in Stellar Blade? Shift Up's console debut equips its heroine with a suite of combat abilities, but it's up to you to personalise how you want to play using unlockable Exospines and Gear. On this page, as part of our Stellar Blade guide, we've assembled some approaches you may want to consider, along with the goals of the build and some recommended equipment suggestions. Read on for our best builds for Eve.

What Are the Best Builds for Eve in Stellar Blade?

Stellar Blade: Best Builds for Eve 1
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Below is a list of the best builds for Eve in Stellar Blade, with a playstyle summary and recommended equipment. In almost all cases you could personalise these builds to something that better suits your own style, so consider these suggestions rather than definitive. It should also be noted that improved versions of all the Gear listed can be unlocked, up to [star:3]. Then, in New Game +, it's possible to unlock Mk2 versions of all the Gear and Exospines, which provide even greater statistical buffs.

All-Out Attack

The goal of the All-Out Attack build is to make Eve's moment-to-moment combat combos as powerful as possible. No attention has been paid to Beta and Burst abilities, this is all about making the heroine's standard swordplay as supercharged as possible.

Chain-Type Exospine

  • Increases Attack Power of Combo Attacks Level 2 or higher by 27%.
  • Crit. Damage increases by 23%.
  • Increases Crit. Rate of Combo Attacks Level 4 or higher by 30%.

Impact-Type Exospine

  • Crit. Rate increases by 9.5%.
  • Unleashes unstable energy when enemies are dealt a Critical Hit. Unstable energy deals chained Damage to nearby enemies.
  • Unstable energy deals more chained Damage.
  • Combat Continuation Gear
    Upon enemy's defeat, Attack Power +
  • Combo Attack Enhancement Gear
    Combo Attack Power Level 2 or Higher +
  • Crit Boost Gear
    Crit. Rate +
  • Crit Enhancement Gear
    Crit. Damage +15.5%

Beta/Burst Special

The goal of the Beta/Burst Special build is to utilise Gear and Exospines which buff Eve's ability to use Beta and Burst abilities, as well as Tachy Mode. The build not only enhances the combat capabilities of these moves, but also expedites the speed at which her meters are refilled.

Beta Trance-Type Exospine

  • Increases Beta Energy recharged by 12%.
  • Attack Power of Beta Skills increases by 12%.
  • Successful Beta Skill hits have a chance to place you in a Trance. Beta Skills won't consume Beta Energy in Trance mode.

Burst Trance-Type Exospine

  • Increases Max Burst Energy by 600.
  • Increases Burst Skill Attack Power by 30%.
  • Recharges Burst Energy by 50 when Combo Attacks at Level 4 or above are used.
  • Beta Charge Gear
    Bonus Beta Energy Recharge
  • Beta Enhancement Gear
    Beta Skill Attack Power +
  • Burst Charge Gear
    Bonus Burst Energy Recharge
  • Burst Enhancement Gear
    Burst Skill Attack Power +

Defensive Tank

The goal of the Defensive Tank build is to make Eve a counter-attacking powerhouse, enabling her to take some damage but also deliver significant punishment in the process. This build also improves the heroine's ability to dodge and parry.

Protection-Type Exospine

  • Damage received from enemies decreases by 10%.
  • Shield's Protection Level increases by one at maximum.
  • Has a chance to restore HP for 5 seconds while Guarding or Parrying when HP is 20% or less.

Reflex-Type Exospine

  • Shield regenerates faster when using Guard.
  • Makes it easier to use Perfect Dodge.
  • Makes it easier to use Perfect Parry
  • Double Edged Gear
    Attack Power +; Damage Taken +
  • Melee Protection Gear
    Melee Damage Reduction +
  • Protection Gear
    Damage Reduction +
  • Shield Enhancement Gear
    Max Shield +

Stealth Master

The goal of the Stealth Master build is to inflict as much pain as possible on opponents from the shadows. While it's not always possible to successfully sneak up on foes, this build also has good knockdown capabilities, and enables you to do more damage when enemies are downed.

Camouflage-Type Exospine

  • Decreases enemies' field of view.
  • Increases melee Attack Power by 17.5% for 10 seconds upon successful execution.
  • Retores 15% of Max HP upon a successful execution.

Suppression-Type Exospine

  • Shield Penetration increases by 18%.
  • Downed duration of enemies increases.
  • Damage to Downed enemies increases by 18%.
  • Combat Continuation Gear
    Upon enemy's defeat, Attack Power +
  • Perfect Combat Gear
    Attack Power when High HP +
  • Shield Destruction Gear
    Damage to shields +
  • Shield Penetration Gear
    Shield Penetration +

Did you find this page with the best builds for Eve in Stellar Blade helpful? Take a look at our Stellar Blade guide, and let us know in the comments section below.