Looking for how to get Credits in Honkai: Star Rail? Credits are a currency in HoYoverse's spacefaring turnbased RPG which are required to purchase inventory items, upgrade characters, enhance Light Cones, and much more. On this page, as part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to explain how to get Credits.

How Do You Get Credits in Honkai: Star Rail?

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Credits are one of the most common currencies in Honkai: Star Rail, and one that you'll accumulate quickly purely through playing the game. However, if you're eager to boost your bank balance while traversing the stars aboard the Astral Express, we've listed some examples of how to get Credits on this page.

Complete Quests

Practically all quests in Honkai: Star Rail will reward you with a denomination of Credits, with the exact amount usually listed in the quest list. Take the time to complete all the quests in the game and you'll quickly amass a large number of Credits, which you can then invest as required.

Win Battles

Whether you're simply exploring the world or working your way through quests, you'll have to engage in battles to progress in Honkai: Star Rail. In most cases, winning these fights will reward you with Credits. While you're unlikely to earn an enormous amount of currency from combat, it can add up quickly as you progress through the game.

Open Treasure Chests

Virtually every area in Honkai: Star Rail has a number of treasure chests, and many of these include Credits as a reward. Oftentimes you'll find treasure chests out in the open, although the most valuable ones are sometimes defended by Formidable Foes or obstructed by puzzles. You should always take the time to open every treasure chest where possible, as they can provide an impressive injection of income.

Pay Attention to Events

Events are rotating activities that occur in Honkai: Star Rail that provide players with rewards, often including Credits. Events are usually time limited and change based on a real-life timetable, but whenever you play the game, there'll almost always be something to partake in. The requirements for Events varies, but can include simply logging into the game every day or participating in web-based activities. You should always be participating in Events to maximise your in-game income and rewards.

Fulfil Your Daily Training

As you increase your Trailblazer Rank, you'll unlock Daily Training as part of your interstellar adventure. This provides you with a list of missions to fulfil every 24 hours, ranging from quests to in-game activities. Complete them all to unlock rewards, including Credits and other important items.

Earn Your Nameless Honor

Nameless Honor is an inexplicably complicated alternative name for a Battle Pass, which unlocks once you're several hours into your adventure aboard the Astral Express. As part of Nameless Honor, you'll unlock Daily, Weekly, and Periodic tasks, which can be completed to unlock XP that progresses the Battle Pass. As you progress through the tiers, you'll unlock rewards, including Credits. If you pay for the premium track, then you'll get even greater rewards.

Explore the Simulated Universe

The Simulated Universe is a roguelite-style mode you'll unlock as you progress through Honkai: Star Rail, which has its own independent points system and reward track. As you complete worlds and accrue points, you'll advance a progression bar which unlocks items, including Credits. You'll also slowly begin to fill in an index of Blessings, which are post-battle buffs you can assign to your team, and reaching milestones in your Index of these important items can also unlock further rewards.

Defeat the Bud of Treasures

Fairly early into the game you'll unlock a Calyx called Bud of Treasures which will allow you to defeat waves of enemies in return for Credits. As you unlock higher difficulties, you'll be able to earn a greater amount of Credits for being victorious. However, do keep in mind that you'll need to invest Trailblaze Power in order to attempt these gauntlets.

Send Your Squad on Assignments

Assignments are passive content which enable you to earn Credits simply by sending members of your team out for a set number of hours. Once this period has passed, you'll earn Credits based on the length of your squad's departure. If you send out allies which excel at Credits accumulation, you'll also earn some bonuses, so plan carefully.

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