Looking for Nameless Honor explained how to rank up in Honkai: Star Rail? Nameless Honor, despite its somewhat confusing name, is the Battle Pass in HoYoverse's turnbased RPG. Like most other Battle Passes, there are free and premium rewards, and you need to pay to unlock the latter. On this page, as part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to dig into Nameless Honor explained and how to rank up.

What Is Nameless Honor and How Do You Rank Up in Honkai: Star Rail?

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Nameless Honor is the Battle Pass in Honkai: Star Rail, and it can be progressed by completing tasks on a daily, weekly, and periodic basis. As the name implies, daily tasks rotate every 24 hours and offer the smallest amount of EXP, while weekly tasks reset on Monday at 4AM, depending on your server's time zone. The periodic tasks offer the most EXP overall, and are often active throughout the entire season, but this does vary depending on the Events involved.

The level cap for Nameless Honor is 50, and you’ll need to accrue a total of 40,000 EXP to achieve it. If you complete every task, including daily and weekly ones, you can earn over 50,000 EXP, so you don’t have to do absolutely everything to max the Battle Pass out. However, there is a soft limit of 10,000 EXP per week, which will prevent you from grinding your way to the end at the start of a new season.

Free rewards are called Nameless Gifts and everyone who plays the game will be eligible to unlock these, with each level you achieve including a new item. These rewards include Star Rail Passes, Character EXP Materials, Light Cone EXP Materials, Trace Materials, Credits, and more. If you pay for Nameless Glory, which costs £9.99/$9.99, you'll unlock even more rewards for each level, including Star Rail Special Passes and crucially the choice of a 4-Star Light Cone at Level 30. These Light Cones rotate with each season. You can also purchase the Nameless Medal for £19.99/$19.99, which includes some bonuses like 200 Stellar Jade, a profile picture, and an automatic 10 levels of Nameless Honor progress.

How to Unlock Nameless Honor

Nameless Honor won't be unlocked immediately when you start playing Honkai: Star Rail, and you'll need to make a little progress through the game before you're introduced to it. You'll unlock it when you complete the Trailblaze Mission named Long Wait for the Blade's Edge on Jarilo-IV.

How to Rank Up Nameless Honor

As mentioned above, ranking up Nameless Honor is fairly straightforward, as there are a set of daily, weekly, and periodic tasks to complete. Each task you finish awards EXP, and you earn a level each time you amass enough EXP to progress. You need a total of 40,000 EXP to reach the cap of 50, and there are over 50,000 EXP available if you complete every task. However, you can't earn more than 10,000 EXP per week, to prevent you from grinding to the end of Nameless Honor at the beginning of the season.

Outside of the periodic tasks, many of the daily and weekly objectives remain the same. Common tasks include logging in, consuming Trailblaze Power, dispatching Assignments, fulfilling your Daily Training, tackling the Simulated Universe, and spending Credits. Make regular references to Nameless Honor's requirements and you'll complete it in no time at all.

Is Nameless Honor Worth Buying?

Completing Nameless Honor is absolutely worth it, as even if you don't pay you can earn a lot of bonus rewards purely for interacting with the game and taking care to complete the objectives it lists out for you. If you do decide to pay then you can significantly enhance your rewards, and if you plan to reach the cap of level 50 then this more or less pays for itself. The 4-Star Light Cones you can earn as part of the premium track are pretty good, and you'll get more pulls with Star Rail Special Passes and Stellar Jade, too.

Of course, there is a commitment here, and so we'd only encourage you to pay for Nameless Honor if you plan to reach level 50 and complete the entire Battle Pass. If you think you're going to fall off the game, or can't really commit to playing on the almost daily cycle required to reach the cap, we'd recommend you just stick with the free rewards, as there's less value in the purchase if you're not unlocking everything.

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