Looking for how to get Trailblaze Power in Honkai: Star Rail? Trailblaze Power is a type of currency in HoYoverse's hit turnbased RPG, but unlike other major currencies in the game, this one replenishes automatically over time. On this page, as part of our Honkai: Star Rail guide, we're going to explain how to get Trailblaze Power.

How Do You Get Trailblaze Power in Honkai: Star Rail?

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Unlike other currencies in Honkai: Star Rail, you'll be restricted to a maximum of 240 Trailblaze Power, and cannot have more. Similarly, your Trailblaze Power will automatically replenish over time up to its maximum capacity. This occurs even while you're not playing the game. It takes six minutes to replenish one Trailblaze Power, meaning you can earn a total of 240 every 24 hours. Once you reach the maximum limit, it's then possible to earn Reserved Trailblaze Power at a rate of one every 18 minutes up to a total of 2,400. To explain further, we're going to outline how to get Trailblaze Power on this page.

Wait It Out

When attempting Calyxes or reaping rewards from Simulated Universe runs, you'll use Trailblaze Power. You get a maximum of 240 Trailblaze Power per day, and the easiest way to replenish this all-important currency is to simply wait it out. Trailblaze Power will restore over time, even while you're not playing, and even if you exceed the 240 Trailblaze Power total, you can continue to earn Reserved Trailblaze Power, meaning it's possible to make meaningful progress if you're forced to take a short break from the game.

Fuel Yourself

If you don't want to wait to restore your Trailblaze Power, you can automatically replenish 60 Trailblaze Power by consuming Fuel. Fuel is a fairly common consumable in the game, which can be obtained by increasing your Trailblaze Level or simply completing quests.

Invest Precious Stellar Jade

While we wouldn't recommend you use your Stellar Jade to replenish your Trailblaze Power, it is one method you can adopt. You can get 60 Trailblaze Power from an investment of 50 Stellar Jade, although it should be noted that this amount increases with each purchase you make. Given how fundamentally important Stellar Jade is to Banners, we reckon this represents a poor investment. If you've got more money than sense, though, remember you can convert Oneiric Shards to Stellar Jade using real money.

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