Death Stranding Guide: All Tips, Tricks, and Questions Answered Guide 1

Death Stranding is the first title from Kojima Productions after leaving Konami. After launching in 2019 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, the Hideo Kojima-produced game has now come to PC, and an enhanced re-release called Death Stranding Director's Cut has arrived on PS5. The original game earned a rare 10/10 in our Death Stranding PS4 review.

Our Death Stranding guide includes instructions on how to find various characters, how to interact with the open world by building roads and zip lines, and beginner's help and advice. Read on for our full walkthrough on how to master the latest Hideo Kojima epic, whether you're playing the original or Director's Cut.

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Death Stranding Director's Cut Guide: How to Transfer Save Data, Access New Content, and More

If you're playing Death Stranding Director's Cut, you might be wondering how you unlock or find some of its brand new content and features. In this section of our Death Stranding guide, we're going to outline all the new features of Director's Cut and explain how to access everything.

Death Stranding Director's Cut: How to Transfer PS4 Save File to PS5

With Death Stranding Director's Cut, you can import your old save data and continue Sam's journey where you left off. For instructions on how to do this, follow the below guide.

Death Stranding Director's Cut: How to Unlock and Access New Features

There are lots of new features and content in Death Stranding Director's Cut that weren't in the original game. For guidance on how and where to find all these new features, such as the Racetrack, Ruined Factory, and Firing Range, see below:

Death Stranding Guide: How to Master the Latest Hideo Kojima Epic

To start things off, we're going to teach you how to become the very best package deliverer in the shoes of Sam Bridges.

Death Stranding Guide: Beginner's Tips and Tricks

Below you'll find our Death Stranding guide featuring lots of useful tips and tricks for beginners. All these tips and tricks apply to the Director's Cut version, too.

Death Stranding Guide: How to Build All Structures

If you feel like you've already got a good grasp of the basics of Death Stranding, you may be wondering how to build certain structures. This next part of our guide will explain how to construct things like roads, safe houses, bridges, and generators, plus lots more.

Death Stranding Guide: How to Stay Alive and Navigate the Open World

Now that you know how to build structures, you may want to know how to strengthen your chances of survival when you don't have access to them. This next part of our guide will explain how to do that.

Death Stranding Guide: FAQs

Next up are some frequently asked questions related to Death Stranding and Death Stranding Director's Cut.

Finally, here are all the other helpful guides we have relating to Death Stranding and Death Stranding Director's Cut.

And with that, our Death Stranding guide comes to an end. Hopefully, we've managed to help you out in your lengthy trek across post-apocalyptic America. If you have anymore tips or tricks to share, make sure to post them in the comments below.