Can You Play Death Stranding Offline? PS4 Guide

Can you play Death Stranding offline? Does Death Stranding require an internet connection in order to play? 2019's biggest game has a lot of features that are based on player interaction and online connectivity, but the idea of playing the title completely offline is one that many will most likely have. Don't worry, though, because we're on hand to answer all your questions.

Can You Play Death Stranding Offline?

Yes, Death Stranding can be played offline, but it will impact your experience dramatically. You can play the full game without connecting to the internet, meaning it doesn't require a constant online connection, but all player-posted signposts that would normally populate the in-game world will be gone. These offer helpful tips, such as areas you should expect to encounter BTs, and so missing out on them will hinder your playthrough to a certain degree.

The structures you'd typically associate with being player-made such as bridges and generators will continue to appear in your world despite playing offline, but you won't be able to see the creator's Porter level or stats. We assume that these structures carry over from the last time you connected to the internet, and so we're unsure of what happens if you play through the entire game never connecting online.