10. Horizon Call of the Mountain (PS5)

The headline PSVR2 launch title, Horizon Call of the Mountain is a completely new entry in Guerrilla’s imaginative post-apocalyptic universe. While the story can be difficult to follow, the gameplay – which revolves around high-rise platforming – is expertly executed, making you feel like an elite climber in an often hostile world. Beautiful, sprawling vistas and a genuinely jaw-dropping sense of scale combine for an action packed thrill ride that explores the rich potential of Sony’s new headset.

9. Pavlov VR (PS5)

There have been a good few attempts to get a multiplayer shooter going on VR systems, but Pavlov VR has to be one of the better efforts. With a wide variety of weapons to wield and some highly entertaining modes, this game feels intuitive to play and is a great laugh with a few friends. The player count might be low compared to traditional console shooters, but this is an incredibly solid effort that really nails the basics.

8. Moss (PS5)

Moss has always been a solid VR game with its engaging gameplay and cutesy lead character, and now it's available on the far superior PSVR2. This version is largely the same that you might've played on the original PSVR, but has been improved with far better controller tracking, crisper visuals, and enhanced lighting. If you're after a short but sweet adventure with some simple combat and puzzles, Moss is ideal, and its superior sequel is also on PSVR2 when you're done.

7. Synth Riders (PS5)

Synth Riders is one of our favourite PSVR games, so it's great to see it come to PSVR2 in this remastered package. Following the colour-coded notes with your hands, this is a fantastic rhythm game supported by a brilliant soundtrack of nearly 60 tunes. The PSVR2 version features sharper graphics, improved controller tracking, and neat use of haptics to help you keep the beat. If you're a fan of rhythm games, flailing your arms around, or both, this is practically a must-play.

6. Tetris Effect (PS5)

Tetris Effect was great on PS4, but its PS5 version just takes things up a notch. Merging that classic falling block game with mesmerising visuals and entrancing music, it's an amazing experience that truly sings in 4K and HDR. We'd highly recommend playing it on your TV, but it's also brilliant in PSVR2. There's little sacrifice to picture quality, and the extra immersion you feel with the special effects swirling all around you is awesome. With so many modes to enjoy, this is the ultimate Tetris experience on PlayStation.

5. Moss: Book II (PS5)

An early star of virtual reality was Moss, and this follow-up builds on those solid foundations. Moss: Book II continues the adventures of Quill, who now has access to multiple weapons to fend off enemies. They also play into the game's puzzles, which are larger in scope and more complex than the first game. It all looks wonderful too — the environments and character animations are gorgeous, and your unique perspective lets you get a really good look at these cutesy levels. It's not a massive departure from what came before, but this five-hour adventure is thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

4. Resident Evil Village (PS5)

For a franchise that has no shortage of experimental entries in its back catalogue, Capcom knows how to make a traditional Biohazard campaign when it wants to. Resident Evil Village adopts the first-person perspective of Resident Evil 7, but this time offers a confident and familiar romp through a sinister Romanian village. With an eclectic cast of curious – but occasionally underdeveloped – villains, the true character of this sequel is the setting itself, which harbours countless secrets and some truly memorable moments. And for those rocking a PSVR2, the full game is playable in virtual reality, which really ratchets up the intensity with overhauled controls and impressive visuals.

3. Pistol Whip (PS5)

Rhythm games and virtual reality go together wonderfully, and one of the best examples of that is Pistol Whip. Revamped for PSVR2's bells and whistles, this flashy game is essentially an on-rails shooter set to music. It's a simple idea but executed so well, oozing style and allowing the player to pull off some super cool moves. Firing your guns to the beat and dodging incoming attacks with perfect timing is endlessly satisfying, and the Hollywood-inspired levels are all a treat to look at, too.

2. Gran Turismo 7 (PS5)

After Gran Turismo Sport’s esports centric approach, Gran Turismo 7 returns to the revered RPG format of developer Polyphony Digital’s long-running simulation racing series. With a slick driving model and hundreds of cars to collect, it’s the addictive Pokémon-esque GT Café that will keep franchise faithfuls occupied for hours on end. And for competitive players, the online approach innovated by GT Sport remains intact, making for the most complete Gran Turismo in a generation. The cherry on top is that the entire thing is playable in PSVR2, with minimal loss in picture quality; it's incredibly immersive, and among the best games you can play with Sony's headset.

1. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Tourist Edition (PS5)

Comfortably regarded as one of the best survival games ever released, both in virtual reality and outside of it, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Tourist Edition sees a PSVR classic updated and optimised for PSVR2, with enhanced visuals, performance, and controls. If you’re yet to survive this open-ended apocalyptic world, then you have no excuse not to revisit this revamped re-release.

And that concludes our definitive guide to the best PSVR2 games! Remember, while there’s a ton of great variety to pick from here, this is an ever-evolving list which will expand and improve over time, and we can only ensure its representative of your tastes with your input. If you feel a game is in the wrong position, then do something about it: click the star icon next to any of the releases and submit a ranking of your own, or you can return to the first page of this article and use the search bar. Furthermore, if your particular favourite is missing from our PlayStation Game Database, then let us know in the comments section so we can do something about it.

With all that in mind, thank you for taking a look at our best PSVR2 games, and be sure to let us know what you think about the list below.

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