The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners - Tourist Edition is a 15-to-20-hour post-apocalyptic survival experience developed by Skydance Interactive. Playing as The Tourist, you find yourselves in a flooded New Orleans, among several conflicting factions all fighting over access to The Reserve, a haven full resources for surviving an apocalypse.

Tasked with roaming the streets in search of hidden caches and intel, with a map and a drawing for reference, you're sent to scavenge supplies. While exploring you'll find a very limited supply of melee weapons and ammunition. Combined with very tough AI enemies and armaments with set durability before they break, you have yourself a hard-as-nails survival experience. There's always a tense atmosphere as you plan how to take down each zombie you encounter and what path to take to avoid other dangers.

You'll be collecting almost every item you find, as everything generates useful materials when recycled back at base. These resources can be crafted into a vast array of weapons and ammunitions at workbenches — knives, bats, guns, etc. Each weapon has a very different feel to it because of the PSVR2 Sense Controllers' impressive adaptive triggers. You can also manufacture armour for protection, food for stamina, and medicine for health, all of which are necessary in this harsh environment.

You'll also stumble across both friendly and enemy factions; some will allow you free roam of their territory and task you with side missions, whilst others will just shoot on sight. Being shot or grabbed by the walkers can be a very scary experience, caused by the immersion of the headset haptics, and the requirement to shake off the undead. The walkers can even occasionally begin conflicts between rival factions or overrun their areas entirely, turning all group members into undead right in front of your very eyes. All this makes for an enjoyably bustling world of activity. However, we did find the lack of variety in enemy types to be a little underwhelming, with gun-toting members and helmet-wearing walkers being the only variations.

Saints and Sinners stands out in more than just its survival aspects as it's visually stunning too, with greatly detailed models and impressively dark, dingy environments; it's a jaw-dropping adventure from start to finish. Its moving story and creative gameplay make for one of the most engaging VR titles to date. One big step forward for post-apocalyptic survival and one giant leap forward for virtual reality gaming, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners - Tourist Edition is a must-buy for all PSVR2 gamers.