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What are the best PSVR2 games? Sony’s newest virtual reality headset first launched on 22nd February, 2023 alongside a veritable avalanche of games. The device, which builds on the success of its PS4 predecessor, includes a suite of innovations – including built-in haptic feedback, a 4K HDR OLED screen, and an inside-out tracking solution, which allows the new PSVR2 Sense Controllers to be tracked with precision whichever direction you’re looking in.

An accessory is only as good as its games, however, and PSVR2 has already amassed a pretty extensive library, spanning an impressive array of genres and ideas. Horizon Call of the Mountain – its flagship launch title, developed by Guerrilla in collaboration with Firesprite – takes the series in a different direction, pitching you as an expert climber who must reach some of the series’ most impressive peaks. But it’s flanked by a handful of other noteworthy AAA updates, including Resident Evil Village and Gran Turismo 7.

PSVR2 also plays host to the best versions of some of its predecessor’s must-play games, including a completely remastered The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and flawless versions of rhythm action games, Pistol Whip and Synth Riders. With such impressive variety, and so many awesome releases to select from, you may be wondering where to start. And that’s where our ever-evolving list of best PSVR2 games comes in, with each release ranked and rated by you.

If you disagree with the order, or think a particular game is missing, then you have the unique opportunity to do something about it. Directly below, you’ll find a search bar, which will allow you to browse our games database and submit ratings for your favourite PSVR2 titles. This means the page will shift and adapt over time, best representing the views of you, our engaged PlayStation community.

Please note that a game will need to have at least 30 ratings before it appears on this list, just to keep things consistent and fair. Therefore, if your personal favourite PSVR2 title is missing, it may be because it needs a little more love.

Without further ado, then, let’s dig into our list of best PSVR2 games – as voted for by you!

20. Kayak VR: Mirage (PS5)

One of the prettiest games you’re likely to find on PSVR2, the absolutely stunning Kayak VR: Mirage may be relatively lightweight in terms of launch content, but it’s a feast for the senses. Designed around some genuinely authentic watersports-style gameplay, the release will see you paddling through beautiful locations like Australia and Costa Rica. Time trial races add longevity to the loop, forcing you to master your movements in order to make the most of every stroke. This is the kind of game that simply couldn’t exist outside of virtual reality, and it deserves your time and attention for that reason alone.

19. Before Your Eyes (PS5)

Before Your Eyes makes the most of PSVR2 to deliver a real emotional gut punch. Using the tech's eye-tracking feature, this narrative-focused experience changes the scene whenever you physically blink. Through a mix of abstract environments, a well-written human tale, and a truly excellent spatial audio mix, this is a PSVR2 title that'll force you to take off the headset and wipe away some tears.

18. Puzzling Places (PS5)

You may not have predicted PSVR2 would be the perfect peripheral for jigsaw puzzles, but Puzzling Places is an immaculately executed experience that’s unbelievably addictive on Sony’s new headset. Inspired by a huge number of real-world locations, buildings, and monuments, the game sees you connecting 3D pieces to build wonderfully detailed scenes. You can set the number of pieces, making a puzzle as easy or difficult as you like, and each one is enhanced by diegetic audio which provides a calming sense of place as you piece together the parts.

17. Song in the Smoke: Rekindled (PS5)

One of virtual reality's best survival games, Song in the Smoke: Rekindled refreshes the popular title on PSVR2. Its incredible sense of atmosphere, intuitive design, and survival mechanics are better than ever in this edition, immersing you in a dangerous jungle with threats around every corner. New accessibility options are the cherry on top, leaving us with an improved version of an already great experience.

16. Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge - Enhanced Edition (PS5)

An upgraded version of a Meta Quest favourite, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge enables you to live out your dream George Lucas power fantasy, in an original story inspired by a Disneyland ride with the same name. While the gameplay can get fiddly and repetitive, there’s no doubt that wielding your very own authentic Blaster is a mind-blowing moment, and this Expanded Edition comes with additional chapters which take you deep into Storm Trooper territory – and even assuming the role of an IG-88 assassin droid from the Empire Strikes Back.

15. Thumper (PS5)

One of the stars of the original PSVR’s launch lineup, time has not dulled Thumper’s rhythm violence. Playing as a space beetle careening down a tunnel, PSVR2’s improved visual fidelity and haptic feedback has meaningfully enhanced this contemporary classic. While it can also be played on a standard television screen, virtual reality is transformative for this title, embedding you in its otherworldly environments in a way no traditional 4K panel can.

14. No Man's Sky (PS5)

The initially rough reception of No Man's Sky can safely be put to bed. Hello Games has stayed fully committed to its procedurally generated space exploration adventure, fleshing it out with a staggering number of huge updates. Not only does the game look and run much better these days, it's bursting with things to see and do, and that's without considering the 18 quintillion planets waiting to be discovered. The PS5 release is the best version you can play on console, too, with minimised load times, great DualSense integration, and now even optional PSVR2 support.

13. The Light Brigade (PS5)

Roguelikes may be dime a dozen, but they’re less commonplace in virtual reality. The Light Brigade proves that the format can work with PSVR2 to excellent effect, and while it does little to reinvent the genre’s well-worn wheel, it instead focuses on executing all of its ideas to an exemplary standard. The result is an almost immaculate shooter, with stunning gameplay and an outstanding reward loop.

12. Rez Infinite (PS5)

A game that needs no introduction: transcendent rails shooter Rez has been stirring emotions since it first released on the PS2 and Dreamcast in 2001. Upgraded to take advantage of PSVR2, the release’s crystal clear 4K visuals sing on Sony’s new hardware, and the added haptic feedback helps creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi get closer to his goal of true synaesthesia. You can complete the game without virtual reality, but experiencing it inside PS5’s headset is comfortably the optimal way to play.

11. Demeo (PS5)

While we’ve got a lot of time for the intensive virtual reality titles that put you in extraordinary situations, sometimes the stationary experiences are among the best. Demeo succeeds by blending traditional tabletop gameplay with fantastical environments, resulting in the most expressive and immersive board game you can play. The execution is exemplary, and with an impressively active and welcoming community, you could easily lose hundreds of hours to this thought-provoking release.