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@Tjuz No, you're right, it wasn't clear! Rules are rules (and let's be honest, my nine points are about eight more than I expected to get anyway, so I'm more than happy regardless)!

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@Kidfried Awesome (that you're up for it, and that you've got a folder like mine)!

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@crimsontadpoles That's how it starts. Give it time!

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@Kidfried No problem, everyone got to rest their brains this weekend. Plus your busy doing sterling work with the characters poll.


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@Kidfried Agreed, you've nothing to make up for! You said you'd do "the next quiz" and that's still true; nobody said anything about when it had to be, right?

Looking forward to giving it a shot whenever it's ready. Thanks in advance!

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@Kidfried you're all good, don't worry! You doing it next week or are you going away somewhere?

I'm sure people are busy enough with the megatons of news we've had in the last few days!



Well, since I'm around this weekend, I thought I'd make y'all a quiz to try!

A friendly, no-pressure heads-up to previous quiz participants @Arugula @BearsEatBeets @crimsontadpoles @Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy @Gremio108 @Kidfried @LieutenantFatman @mookysam @nessisonett @Ralizah @ralphdibny @Th3solution @themcnoisy @Thrillho @Tjuz and @WanderingBullet but please, this is open to any and all (just remember to spoiler-tag your answers)!

I've attempted to balance the difficulty and question format to allow for educated guesswork, so give everything a shot, even if you're unsure.

Have at it, folks!



1) Name any one of the four American cities featured in Driver.

2) Which of the following WEAPON does not appear in Final Fantasy VII (original)?
a) Diamond Weapon
b) Ruby Weapon
c) Ultimate Weapon
d) Topaz Weapon

3) True or False: In the original Syphon Filter games, tasering an enemy for too long would result in their spontaneous combustion.



4) Here are four semi-obscure characters from the Sonic franchise. Name them, please!


Character A =
Character B =
Character C =
Character D =



5) The SSX series of games primarily depicts which sport?

6) Which iconic GoldenEye 007 level was resurrected in TimeSplitters 2 (an FPS game developed by many former Rare employees)?
a) Dam
b) Runway
c) Frigate
d) Cradle

7) True or False: Because his wares are essential to Leon Kennedy's progress, the Merchant in Resident Evil 4 is an unkillable NPC.



8) You earn the "Handle with Care" trophy from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots by breaking off which part of a statue?

9) Excluding any legacy editions (which only refreshed squad rosters and kits), how many FIFA games were released for the PS3 by EA Sports?
a) Nine
b) Ten
c) Eleven
d) Forty?!

10) True or False: In the popular FromSoftware game Dark Souls, the only way to provoke Ceaseless Discharge is to attack it first.



11) As always, please watch the below and tell me from whence the music comes.

Track 1 =
Track 2 =
Track 3 =
Track 4 =



12) The Order: 1886 concerns itself with which two types of mythological monster?

13) What is the name of the school predominantly featured in Life is Strange and its prequel, Before the Storm?
a) Blackthorn Academy
b) Inkwell Academy
c) Blackwell Academy
d) Arcadia Academia

14) True or False: Whilst tricky to accomplish, it's possible to kill all of the Underbosses in Mafia III and still complete the game.


There are twenty-one points available, all told.

I'll post the answers on Monday 26 October (in the afternoon, UK time).

Best of luck!

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@RogerRoger cheers for doing this! Nice quiz to raise our spirits but I still don't know how many answers I'll get!

Round 1:
1. Umm Los Angeles?
2. Umm d) topaz weapon
3. I'm going to go with true even if their combustion isn't exactly spontaneous as they have had loads of electricity pumping through them
Bonus 1:
4. A) Blaze the Cat
B) Ovi Kintobor
C) umm sonic the werehog?
D) ahhh someone from sonic riders I think, um Virgil the Canary?
Round 2:
5. Snowboarding idea, I'll go with Dam because I know that's definitely a Goldeneye level (shows how far I got in that game!)
7.False, you can kill him and he won't reappear in the same location but I believe he will still be at his other locations
8. Not sure but I'm going to go with a willy
9. I'm going to go a) 9, I feel like there was a good 8 year run on PS3 before PS4 came out so i assume the later entries will be legacy editions
10. No idea so I'll go True
Bonus 2:
11. Track 1 = no idea, sonic lost world
Track 2 = don't know, Zelda the curse of the black pearl
Track 3= I don't know, blues brothers 2000 the movie the video game
Track 4=I also don't know, destiny 2 the foreskaen king
12: damn I haven't played this yet but I understand it's a steampunk game so I will guess chimera and homonculi (or homonculus however you say it)
13. Don't know will go b)inkwell
14.duno True I guess!



@RogerRoger Brilliant, I've missed these!

1. San Francisco? I know it was in a later game.
2. Topaz Weapon would have been cool but alas, it's not in FF7.
3. I'm going to say true, as that sounds too silly to make up!
4. Blaze the Cat, Eggman Nega, Sonic the Werehog, Jet the Hawk. Dear lord, I know more about Sonic than I thought.
5. Snowboarding
6. Dam, I used to be absolutely terrified of the red room in that level. Creepy stuff.
7. I'm going to say false, I think you can kill him. Considering I beat the game without the scope for the regenerators, I'm not sure they plan for essential items in that way.
8. ...penis?
9. 10? I think 18 was the first one to be called Legacy Edition.
10. I think that's false, if you loot the item nearby it becomes hostile too. I may have learned that the hard way.
11. a) No clue, maybe Virginia?
b) Uncharted The Lost Legacy?
c) Nooope, Uncharted 3 perhaps?
d) Sounds Assassin's Creed to me so I'll say AC Unity.
12) Cutscene and QTE.
13) Blackwell Academy!
14) I think I'll say true!

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Awesome. I'll give it my all, even though I'm not that great at these quizzes.

Round (PS)1
1) San Francisco. I'm just guessing here, but that would make a decent backdrop for a driving game. The only clips I've seen of Driver are from that infamous underground car park test mission, but there's no way to tell from that where it is.
2) Diamond Weapon. Minecraft has diamond weapons like pickaxes and that, so that's why I'm guessing they're not in FFVII.
3) True. Sure hope it's true at least.

4A) Fiona the Fox
4B) Eggman. He's in a crafty disguise
4C) Dark Sonic
4D) Pierce the Parrot

5) Time to guess a sport beginning with S or X, let's go with Soccer.
6) Dam. Not sure, but Dam is the usual GoldenEye level in these kinds of things.
7) False. I wouldn't put it past the developers to let you kill an essential NPC here.

8) Hands
9) b) Ten
10) False

11) Track 1: Death Stranding
Track 2: Sea of Thieves
Track 3: Rayman Fiesta Run. I'm fairly sure this plays somewhere in it, but a smartphone game seems too obscure for this kind of question. I've not played Legend or Origin yet, so don't know if Fiesta Run borrowed some tracks from them.
Track 4: Mass Effect 2

12) Let's guess unicorn and succubus
13) c) Blackwell Academy
14) False



1) New York

2) Topaz Weapon

3 True! It's kind of horrifying for me to think about today, but when I was a kid, I took a sadistic glee in making my enemies writhe and burn.

a) Rule34 bait
b) Robotnik's alter ego, Robby, who materializes after the character suffers from a severe mid-life crisis
c) Sonic the Werehog
d) Judging by the lack of pants, the facial expression, and the way he's posed, I'm going to dub him Rule 34 bait Mk II!

5) Snowboarding

6) Cradle? Never played either of those games

7) False. He just spawns somewhere else if you kill him. Who hasn't tried to kill him?

8) Never played this game in my life, but it has to be the statue's penis. It's the penis, right? It has to be the penis.

9) I'm going to guess Eleven, but there might as well be forty. I don't play sports games

10) True. Although I have to say, Ceaseless Discharge sounds like an alarming medical condition... or the less sexy alternative name for Bayonetta's highest difficulty setting

11) No idea

12) Werewolves and... half-werewolves?

13) Blackwell Academy

14) Not sure what an underboss is, but it sounds like something that deserves to die, so I'm going to say "true"

Excellent quiz as always, Rog.

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1) ?
2) d) Topaz Weapon?
3) True?

Character A = No idea
Character B = Doctor Eggman?
Character C = Werewolf Sonic?
Character D = No idea

5) Snowboarding
6) a) Dam?
7) False?

8) The family jewels?
9) c) Eleven?
10) False?

11) As always, please watch the below and tell me from whence the music comes.
Track 1 = ?
Track 2 = ??
Track 3 = ???
Track 4 = ????

Not familiar with any of them. :/ Are the pictures meant to be hints?

12) Vampires and Lycans
13) c) Blackwell Academy?
14) False?

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Huntin' monsters erryday.



1) San Francisco

2) B

3) True

4) Sonic characters:
A = Blaze from the DS game, the only Sonic game I own!
B = Eggman Nega
C = Werehog
D = Farfetch'd

5) Snowboarding, extreme snowboarding!

6) I remember Runway from Goldeneye. Never played Timesplitters 2, though.

7) False

8) Dumb guess: genitals?

9) It can't be forty, but from the top of my head I count more than eleven. FIFA 07-14 (8 games), two World Cup games (8+2), a FIFA Euro game (8+2+1) and two FIFA street games (8+2+1+2). So I'm guessing 11/C?

10) True?

12) Werewolves,

13) C

14) False?

As you might have noticed question 11 is still missing. Right now I'm on the road without an opportunity to listen to music. I hope I'll have time for this today or tomorrow

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