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  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4 Has Walking Towers

    Because of course it does

    No open world game is complete without towers for you to climb, and Horizon: Zero Dawn is no different. Guerrilla Games' gorgeous role-playing release will see you clambering up dino-bots in order to reach a vantage point, which will unlock points of interest on the map. Yeah. Look, at least these lookout points are...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Screens Reveal the Prettiest Game You'll Ever See

    'Allo Aloy

    Guerrilla Games have always been technical wizards, but Horizon: Zero Dawn sees the Dutch studio at its Godly best. Gematsu's happened upon a new batch of screenshots from the release, and they look like concept art brought to life. Surely this is one of the finest looking titles ever made? Are you eagerly anticipating Aloy's...





  • News PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn's Getting Ready for E3 2016

    Earth is ours no more

    Following its Push Square Game of the Show award last year, Horizon: Zero Dawn was always likely to be one of Sony's big E3 2016 highlights – and it looks like the platform holder's getting the hype flowing a little earlier this year. Guerrilla Games tweeted out a photograph of downtown Los Angeles today, which has been...

  • News Sony Says PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Is Still Releasing in 2016

    Contrary to recent rumours

    We've had doubts for some time with regards to Horizon: Zero Dawn's supposed 2016 release window - and for good reason, as far as we're concerned. We've seen very little of the title since it was officially announced last year, and it's clear that it's an incredibly ambitious project - but Sony still insists that...









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