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  • News For Some Mad Reason People Think This PlayStation Russia Tweet Is Teasing PS5

    Spoilers: It's not

    We think this summer heat may be doing some real damage to people's brains, because a seemingly innocent tweet from the official Russian PlayStation account has sparked talk of Sony's next-gen console, commonly referred to as the PS5. To be brutally honest, we have absolutely no idea how some people have come to this conclusion...



  • News PS4 'Entering Final Phase of Its Life' Says Sony CEO

    Beginning of the end

    The PlayStation 4 is nearing the end of its life cycle, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera. Speaking at the company's latest investor meeting, Kodera's statement comes as no real surprise. After all, the PS4 will turn five years old this November. The question, then, is how long will this "final phase"...

  • News PS5 Won't Be at E3 2018, Sony Unsurprisingly Confirms

    No hardware announcements at show

    There will be no Sony hardware announcements at E3 2018, meaning you can put your anticipation for the PlayStation 5 back in its box. While it perhaps won’t come as a huge surprise, Shawn Layden confirmed the tidbit on today’s PlayStation Blogcast. It perhaps indicates that the organisation is aware next-gen...


  • Report Sony's Mark Cerny Is on the Road Talking PS5 with Developers

    But it's unlikely to arrive soon

    Mark Cerny’s role as the PlayStation 4’s lead architect is one of the key reasons behind the console’s success, as he sought to right the wrongs of the PlayStation 3 and collaborated with developers – both first-party and third-party – on a system that was much easier to work with. According to a Digital...

  • News PS5 Is a Long Way Away, Or So Sources Say

    Developers weigh in on recent rumours

    The next PlayStation will release later this year, one ambitious rumour claimed recently. But according to a Kotaku report penned by the ever-reliable Jason Schreier, that’s extremely unlikely to be the case – in fact, we may be waiting until at least 2020 for the so-called PlayStation 5, just like

  • News PS5 Unlikely to Launch in 2018, Says Michael Pachter

    Odds on 2020

    We don’t think anyone really expected the PlayStation 5 to launch this year, despite there being reports to the contrary. Nevertheless, industry analyst Michael Pachter has been chatting to WCCFTech about the probability of a new console this year, and he’s said that there’s a “very low” chance of the PS5 dropping this...

  • Rumour Alleged PlayStation 5 Details Make Their Way Online

    Probably nonsense

    It's difficult to believe that we're already starting to hear conversation about PlayStation 5, but the first information surrounding the inevitable machine is doing the rounds online. In no way are any of these details confirmed to be true, so please remember to take with a metric ton of salt. A technology news site by the name...


  • Poll What Year Should Sony Launch the PS5?

    Next-gen predictions

    So, Ubisoft popped up earlier this week and said that it doesn't expect the next generation of consoles to launch for at least another couple of years. In other words, the company doesn't think that Sony is going to release the PS5 until late 2019 at the earliest. The publisher promises it doesn't have any inside knowledge...

  • News PS5 Is Still At Least Two Years Away, Says Ubisoft

    Next-gen chatter begins

    You won’t be playing on a PlayStation 5 until at least 2019, according to Ubisoft. In an investors call earlier this week, CEO Yves Guillemot declared that he believes new consoles are “a minimum of two years” away. We’d always assumed Sony would release a new system in 2019, too – but we’re actually starting to...



  • News PS5 Is Coming, Sony Confirms

    But don't expect it soon

    Sony has commented on the PlayStation 5 for the first time, telling a German website that it will release a next-gen console – albeit not any time soon. The platform holder was asked about the PlayStation 4 Pro, and whether the mid-gen device will eventually get any exclusive software. Big-wig Shawn Layden reaffirmed that...


  • News PS5 Could Launch As Early As Next Year, Reckons Analyst

    Pretty bloody unlikely, though

    One analyst believes that Sony is readying the PlayStation 5 for release in 2018 – but we respectfully disagree. Macquarie Capital Securities forecaster Damian Thong told The Wall Street Journal that Sony's next-gen system could drop as early as the second half of next year, with his accurate PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim...



  • News So, Looks Like Sony's Already Working on the PS5

    A whole new world

    While the PlayStation 4 is likely to be around for many years yet, we'd expect Sony to be starting to think about the future right about now. It's already set out its stall with the likes of PlayStation Now, but with Internet infrastructure not quite up to speed, we suspect that there'll be at least one more traditional console...

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